How to Know If They Are “The One”

If you are single or in a dating season, these questions have probably crossed your mind at least once:

“How do I know if they are ‘the one’?”

Genesis 2:20 says, “But for Adam, no suitable helper was found.”

That word suitable is defined as compatible. Adam was looking for someone with this one requirement: She had to be suited to his needs.

Paul is very clear in 1 Corinthians 7:39 (NKJV): it says, “she is at liberty to be married to whom she wishes, only in the Lord.”

It says, “whom she wishes,” not whom the Lord told her.

See here, there is only one requirement given: They must be in the Lord.

So how can you know if they are the one for you?

Here are five things to consider:

Five Things to Consider When Dating

1. Gender

Scripture is very clear that God wants us to marry someone who is the opposite gender to us.

2. Faith

Not only should they believe in God but they should believe in Jesus.

3. Values

It’s important and you must find someone whose values match your own.

4. Peace

God communicates to us through His peace. Sometimes He withholds the peace and that’s a sign that you shouldn’t be in that relationship.

5. Attraction

Now attraction alone will not sustain your relationship. When you begin a relationship, it’s important to have attraction.

6. Compatibility

I will advise you not to overcomplicate this.

You really don’t need to have 27 prophetic words, just follow the Scriptures.

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