16 EU political forces unite to protect Europe’s Christian heritage

16 more or less conservative political forces of the European Union have submitted a joint declaration, which should be the first step towards the formation of a powerful alliance in the European Parliament.

Among the initiators of the potential alliance are the Polish Law and Justice Party, the Hungarian Fidesz, the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia, the Italian League and the Brothers of Italy, the French National Association, the Bulgarian National Movement, the Spanish Vox party, reports Christian Megaportal invictory.com with a link to politteo.online.

The signatories to the declaration position it as an alternative to the globalist conference on the future of Europe.

“At a time when the globalists, whose main representative in France is Emmanuel Macron, are starting the Conference on the Future of Europe, with the aim of increasing the power of European bodies, today’s agreement is the first corner stone to create a large union in the European Parliament,” the National Unity said …

There are numerous differences between the parties that signed the declaration. Thus, PiS and Fidesz gravitate towards conservative Christian views. But the French “National Association” is marked by republican secularism. However, the declaration noted the importance of the Christian heritage of Europe.

“We are convinced that cooperation between the peoples of Europe should be based on traditions, respect for the culture and history of European countries, respect for the European Christian heritage and common values ​​that unite our nations,” the document says.

The signatories proceed from the premise that “the European Union needs a fundamental reform.” First of all, we are talking about the suspension of trends aimed at centralizing the EU, dismantling national sovereignty, ethnic replacement of the European population, and the separation of political elites from their own societies. The authors of the joint statement argue that “the EU is increasingly becoming an instrument in the hands of radical forces that want to carry out cultural and religious transformation and ultimately build a Europe free of its own peoples, create a European superpower, destroy or overthrow European traditions, transform basic social institutions and moral principles ”.

In contrast to these tendencies, the authors of the statement emphasize the importance of real adherence to one of the basic principles of the social teaching of the Catholic Church – the principle of subsidiarity. For this, in their opinion, “it is necessary to create an inviolable set of competences for the member states of the European Union and an appropriate mechanism for their protection.”

Among other things, in opposition to LGBT influences, as well as in the context of migration challenges, the authors of the declaration emphasize the importance of pro-family policy.

“We reaffirm our conviction that the family is the key foundation of our countries. At a time when Europe is experiencing a serious demographic crisis due to low birth rates and an aging society, instead of mass immigration, policies aimed at supporting families should be developed, ”the document says.

Source: https://www.invictory.org/news/society/28651-16-politicheskih-sil-evrosoyuza-obedinyayutsya-dlya-zashhity-hristianskogo-naslediya-evropy