22 000 Christians from Poland and Ukraine gathered for a youth meeting in Lednice, Poland

22 000 young Christians from Poland and Ukraine took part in the 26th annual youth meeting in Poland before Pentecost. The annual meeting in the Lednice fields in the west-central part of Poland has been held since 1997. In 2022, on the eve of Pentecost, more than 22,000 young Poles and Ukrainians took part in the event. The father of the Lednice congregation, the Dominican priest father Jan Gura, died in 2015, mediates the Christian Megaportal inVictory with reference to catholicnewsagency.com.

Pastor Tomasz Nowak, the pastor of this year’s meeting, said that the phenomenon of Lednice is that there is everything a young person could need – enthusiasm, joy, dancing and singing, but also prayer, worship and confession.

“Young people are looking for love and truth that are neither temporary nor illusory, but tried and tested over time and can be relied upon forever,” Father Nowak explained.

In connection with the ongoing war in Ukraine, the organizers invited all refugees temporarily residing in Poland to a meeting this year.

“Many of us have taken mothers and children fleeing the war under the roof. We accepted them as a family. That is why we want to pray together here in Ukrainian for the miracle of peace in Ukraine, ”said Novak.

The priest also added that the annual meeting was attended by young people from a wide variety of congregations and organizations.

“Scouts, altar ministers, young people from the Light-Life Movement, representatives of the Catholic Youth Association, representatives of Dominican communities, young people from almost all existing churches and associations in Poland. They want to be together and enjoy each other’s presence, ”said the priest. “Meetings in Lednice take place in the most important place for our people: by the lake Lednice, where, according to archaeologists, the baptism of Poland took place in 966 AD. It is the source of our identity and that is why we pray every year before Pentecost that the Holy Spirit will come upon us, pour over us, and bless us for service, as He did with Jesus at baptism. ”

Nowak called the culmination of the meeting a communion and a passage through the gate of the third millennium, a fish-shaped building and a symbol of Christianity. The minister added that this part of the event is a sign of the conscious choice of Christ’s way.

“Young people often said that the time of praise was the most important moment for them. Being in complete silence with Christ in front of a crowd of 20,000 is a moment that cannot be forgotten,” Nowak summed up.

Source: На молодежную встречу в Леднице собралось 22 тысячи христиан из Польши и Украины | Новости inVictory