“Mom has been praying for me all my life.” Chuck Norris talks about the life and faith of his mother, who turned 100

“I can’t believe it, and my mom can’t believe it either,” Norris wrote. – “This week, May 4, she turned 100 years old. Wow! I looked at her a few days ago and said: “You are a hundred years old!”

Chuck Norris, 81, shared how difficult the first years of his mother’s life were. Wilma Norris Knight was born in poverty in rural Wilson, Oklahoma on May 4, 1921.

“I grew up there too,” he added. -” My mother had a very difficult first half of her life. She grew up in extreme poverty and was placed in government custody when she was only 8 years old. For two years she was treated for a rare disease, lived away from her family in a children’s hospital.

When she returned healthy a few years later, she experienced the Great Depression. Her entire family, including young children, picked cotton in the fields to survive. Having finished with one field, they often moved to another city to select another field.

Mom married my father at 16, but he left her, so she raised three sons by herself. I was the eldest and often had to take on the role of my absent father. We were as poor as church mice, but that also prepared me to overcome obstacles in this life.

Mom has been an example of perseverance and faith throughout her life. She is the last survivor of her biological family of 11. She also survived the deaths of her two husbands, stepson, two grandchildren and my younger brother Wieland during the Vietnam War. She has repeatedly suffered from cancer and underwent about 30 different operations – and she is still here.

My mother prayed for me all my life, despite all the difficulties. When I was born, I nearly died of complications. When I nearly lost my soul to Hollywood decades ago, she prayed for my success and salvation. She even prayed that I would find a woman who would change my life, and it worked.

There is a Spanish proverb that says, “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.” I think it’s about my mom. “

In an interview with Mike Huckabee in 2012, Wilma Norris Knight talked about raising her sons:
“I kept them in church and Sunday school, I taught Sunday school, and we prayed all the time,” she replied. “Spiritual life was very important to me.”

When asked what advice she would give young parents in raising children, she said:
“Give them a lot of love. Take them to church and Sunday school. But remember that God did not give our children to us. He only lent them to us for some time to educate them. “

Based on materials from WND and CBN NEWS.

Source: https://inlight.news/2021/05/05/wilma-norris/