95-year-old Kenyan goes to school to read her Bible on her own

Priscilla Citieneya went to first grade for the first time with her grandchildren, regardless of her more than venerable age. The old woman sat down at the same desk with the children so that she could read the Bible on her own.

“I just wanted to read the Bible myself,” Priscilla answered when reporters asked why she decided to go to first grade at such an advanced age. – “By my action, I also wanted to show young people that it is never too late to learn. In my country, not everyone has the opportunity to get an education, but age is definitely not a hindrance if you decide to become smarter. ”

Priscilla was born in Kenya in 1923, when this part of Africa was still a British colony. The girl could not get an elementary education, could not read and write, did not know the numbers. She devoted her entire life to housekeeping and childcare. Priscilla was a midwife for many years. She also did not study this anywhere, but she had a lot of experience: she often helped neighboring women to give birth, who said that she had a light hand.

After completing her professional activities, Priscilla did not retire, but enrolled in the first grade of a local school. At first, the leadership of the educational institution was surprised by her statement, but then they realized that the old woman was serious. “I said that due to the fact that I am illiterate, it is difficult for me to communicate with my family and grandchildren, because I can’t even write an SMS message to them,” explained Priscilla.

The schoolgirl sat down at the desk with her grandchildren. For those classmates who could not pronounce her name, she came up with another – Gogo. In the classroom, children help Gogo memorize letters and numbers, and she takes them to the forest, where she talks about plants and how they can heal.

Based on materials from KP.RU

Source and foto: https://inlight.news/2021/09/07/kenya_bible/