A heavy spirit of death hangs over Ukraine, but the Holy Spirit inspires local Christians

Before the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian war, one church in Chernivts (Ukraine) felt a prophetic call to acquire the premises of an old barn, which seemed like an absurd thought. Over the following months, the parishioners meticulously cleaned and renovated the house, built a shower, a kitchen and built several rooms.

When Russia invaded, the leading of the Holy Spirit became evident. Today, the parishioners of the church receive more than 400 Ukrainian refugees there and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for them.

Another church in Kovel, Ukraine, similarly bought refrigerators and several tons of bread to freeze them before any warning of war. Today, they host about 200 refugees daily in their church and serve their people by providing shelter, clothing, food, and transporting citizens to the safety of European borders.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has been a leader in the call for evangelical freedom in this part of the world. Today, in the midst of the atrocities of war, their ministry is confirmed by divine intervention.

The Lord remains true to His promise of care and guidance, and He moves in the full power of His Holy Spirit through the Body of Christ in Ukraine. Ukrainian communities of believers are filled with testimonies of miraculous encounters with Him.

Buses from the church in Kovel, carrying food to Kyiv since the beginning of the war, have come under fire from the Russian military many times, including one case when the bus was completely destroyed by an explosion. However, all passengers remained untouched.

In another church, a group of 18 believers gathered for prayer at a family’s home when a rocket hit their home, piercing through the roof and ceiling, and got stuck right above their heads. Not a single person was hurt. If the rocket had exploded, this house and all neighboring buildings would have been destroyed, no survivors.

When the heavy spirit of death hangs over the country, Ukrainian Christians act with increasing power of the Holy Spirit and steadfastness.

Every morning, parishioners gather in their churches against given advice, shutting out the sounds of shelling with their prayers. They tear open the doors of churches and their homes to take in refugees. It is in these houses that the refugees, intrigued by the prayers of the small groups that take place every night, quietly go upstairs to listen to their communication.

These churches and homes are founded on an unshakable foundation for the preaching of the gospel. In the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe, Ukrainian churches are giving up their homes and personal vehicles. They risk their lives under shelling to evacuate thousands of people from the hottest spots. They collect and deliver food parcels to members of their communities, including the disabled, the elderly and children. Teenage girls take care of orphans and do laundry around the clock to prepare for new refugees.

The Ukrainian movement of ministers has opened an online Bible school, which has already attracted 3,800 students and  intercessors. They see thousands of people accepting Jesus Christ and witness mass calls to repentance. They are the light of Jesus Christ in the darkness of these circumstances, and they bear witness to the work of the Comforter (John 14:26) through their growing faith and determination.

The preaching of the gospel in Ukraine, the resilience of the Ukrainian people and army, global humanitarian aid and the failure of the Russian military machine to move forward according to plan are evidence that God is turning evil into good. His hand is over Ukraine with His people and just as the Holy Spirit is with the Body of the Church there, so should we, Christians around the world, be with them.

1 Corinthians 12:26 says that if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it. May we feel like the Body of Christ this union. May our souls be filled with deep compassion and intercession, may our hearts be soft and responsive, and may our spirit be impelled to preach the Gospel to all creation with renewed zeal and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Posted by Joanna Rovin / charismamag.com

Source: https://ieshua.org/nad-ukrainoj-navis-tyazhyolyj-duh-smerti-no-duh-svyatoj-vdohnovlyaet-pomestnyh-hristian.htm