A parable of the good

The following is a parable told by sister Stella Ljulko in our church service:

Once upon a time a poor woman baked two loaves of bread every morning. One for her own family and another for a casual passer-by. She placed another loaf of bread on the windowsill so that a passer-by could take it. Every day the woman prayed for her son, who had left home in search of a better life. For months, the mother knew nothing about her son and prayed for his return.

Soon the woman noticed that every day an old hunchback came and took the second bread. But instead of saying thank you, he just muttered, “Your evil will remain with you and your good will come back to you!” That is what happened day by day. Without receiving the expected thank you, she felt offended. “This hunchback takes bread here every day and mumbles something incomprehensible. It’s time to end it! I can get rid of this humnchback! ” The next day she put poison in another loaf of bread.

But as she wanted to place the bread on the windowsill, her hands began to tremble. “What am I doing?” She thought and burned the bread to ashes. After baking the second loaf of bread, she placed it on the windowsill. The hunchback, as usual, came, took bread and muttered, “Your evil will remain with you, and your good will return to you!” And he continued on his way, not knowing what emotions roared in the woman’s heart.

The evening came and suddenly… a knock on the door. When she opened it, she saw her son standing on the doorstep. The son looked awful: hungry, skinny, weak, in shabby and dirty clothes. “Mom, it’s a miracle that I’m here!” Said the son.

“I walked home for a very long time, several days and was completely exhausted. When I was only one mile from home, I was so hungry that I fainted. And I probably would have died if I hadn’t met an old hunchback. He passed by and was so kind to me that he gave me a loaf of bread! And he said it was his only meal for the whole day, but he decided I needed it more and gave it to me. ”

When her mother heard these words, her face turned pale and she leaned against the door so as not to faint. She remembered a poisoned loaf of bread in the morning. After all, if she hadn’t thrown it into the fire…, her own son could have died today! And then the woman understood the meaning of these words: “Your wickedness shall abide with you, and your good shall return unto you.”


Always try to do good

even if no one appreciates it right now.