A small desert bird

The story of a small bird defying fear and putting its life at stake stood up to defend its unborn litter.

Philippians 2:5-8 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but [b]made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.  And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.

One Sunday afternoon, after the church service in Phoenix, Arizona, when I went with the brothers to the car that was in the parking lot, brother Joey turned my attention to a small bird that had decided to build his home on a narrow lawn in the parking lot. The bird confronted us bravely, yet without crossing a certain invisible boundary that could have provoked our active reaction. We stopped and watched his activities,  the bird stopped and we noticed that there were three small eggs in his nest. At that moment God gave me a revelation and the following is the understanding of it!

I was amazed by the “thoughtless” courage of the bird when he saw us. The courage that breathed from him as he went against the three giants shocked me. The bird did not have a moment of doubt, he did not look to the right or to the left, he did not listen to the devil about the chances of survival, he was not interested in public opinion or the position of a “churchman” but he stood proudly and upright against his destiny!

The little desert bird could have flown freely and saved his life by escaping, because he knew nothing about our “good intentions.” Maybe you think God told him we were good people, etc.  But you know, I think it was more of a pattern of behavior to protect his offspring, and he didn’t have any doubt about the fate of the battle, he went to victory! Hallelujah!

Our “power” surpassed the birds power 1,000 times and he would have been right. You never know what these people have in mind, there was a minibus with broken windows in the background, and in the end there are always many excuses that you can find. People’s curiosity transcends all kinds of boundaries: “Don’t know what might be hidden in these eggs, maybe a surprise or money in the mouth of a fish when Peter had to pay taxes?”

Man’s uncontrollable curiosity and the stupidity that comes with it has done enormous damage to nature.

Imagine that for him we were like creatures like a homeless dog or a hungry cat. Would this brave bird have stepped in to defend for its home even then? I think so! Just imagine he would have had to wave his wings only for a moment and he would have been floating under the sky, leaving behind his unborn offspring, saying, “Thank God I escaped a certain death!”

The Bible teaches us that creation groans because of the fall of man, but creation itself has not sinned.

Dear brother, know that “taking off fast” comes with the weight that you take with you when you take off, maybe you fly majestically under the sky, but you are still connected to the strong chains of the curse, you run away from difficulties and problems, you run away from fear. Like an ostrich you hide your head in the sand wanting to be invisible. Or you can pretend that everything is in the best order, but you know that you will soon fall like a rock because you haven’t learned to land the plane of your life and that weight will one day bring you back to reality.

Know that the time will come when you realize or you might never  understand that you need the help of Someone (Jesus) to get rid of this weight that no one can bear to the end (fear of sin and the wages of sin, Rom. 6:23, 2 Tim. 1). , 7). Turn to God to call on His name and He will save you! Matthew 11:30, Heb 11: 1-2

Let’s look at some “desert birds” in the Bible, let their example inspire you. Heroes who bravely and triumphantly opposed the three Goliaths – satan, the world, and sin, but risked their lives. They successfully accomplished God’s will by overcoming foreign armies and subjugating kingdoms. Who then are some of the heroes whose names are written with the golden letters in the book of remembrance: Abraham, Joshua, Elijah, David, Jesus, and the apostle Paul, read their stories in the Bible! What was interesting about them was that they did not look like the strong men of the Teen Challenge, they were like this little bird of the desert, insignificant, sometimes weak, gentle, humble, constantly praying, seeking help from heaven, just like men from “another life system.” But they were all connected by one line, they always went from victory to victory, without losing their courage and faith in God!

What can our children learn from this story? How many times have we thought about thoughts of surrender in the face of dissatisfied situations or difficulties. Driven by our lusts, without achieving what would satisfy our souls at once, we have bowed our fists to both the Church and the worshipers, turning around in search of an easier path that does not exist.

We should repent of our pride with tears in our eyes repenting of our sins. For all this time God is on our side, for whom nothing is impossible. And like this little bird, whose species and name I do not know, we should resolutely oppose the enemy of our souls and bravely fight the spiritual battle, for our God can also raise the dead!

Dear Heavenly Father, we beg You to forgive us that we have looked upon people and were afraid of not doing and saying what You have told us to do. Please make us strong soldiers so that we do not suffer unnecessary losses, living in constant fear because of our disobedience and being bound and not flourishing to enjoy this wonderful time – the life you have given us on this planet called earth!

Dear Heavenly Father, we also ask to break the voices of demons who accuse and frighten us. God e desire that we would not even think for a moment  about escaping hardship. Please make us perfect in love. We thank You in the name of the Father Jesus!

1 John 4:18

Pastor Paul Armand

March 8, 2004

Arizona, Phoenix


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