“About IT”: Am I not spiritual if I think about getting married?

Question: Why, if married people ask to pray for children, husbands, wives, believers immediately unite and pray? And if an unmarried woman asks to pray for her marriage, then they answer her: “Do not think that this is so easy! Better to never marry or marry at all than to the wrong person. ” Or they say “Seek God!” And in general, when you talk about marriage, you begin to feel like a “second class”, not a spiritual person?

Nadezhda Ulyanenko answers:

No, of course, you are spiritual. This is a normal human desire. But if you talk about this all the time and this need (like any other) becomes the focus of thoughts and desires, then this is no longer spiritual. It is very important that in this matter we do not have a fever or an obsession – so that this need is not our banner: “I want to get married!”

The Gospel of Matthew 6:33 says: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all this will be added to you.” If the Lord told us so, then He knows what and when we should apply.

I once attended a counseling where there were several sisters. One talked about how bad her life was because she was married. And the other one talked how bad how bad her life was because she was not married. :)

This is the state when it seems that only if you will get married or divorced then all your problems will be solved rightaway – this is an illusion. In fact, when the sister gets married, the husband will not solve her personal problems, but together they will have to solve already double problems (her and his problems).

Dear brothers and sisters, none of our needs and desires should overlap the main focus in this earthly life – God. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all the rest will be added to you. When the focus is wrong, nothing is “added” to us, and when the focus is correct, everything that we need in life will be “added” .

And we need to learn to accept God’s answer to our needs in His order and His timing. Likewise,it is important to open the desire to get married or not to get married before God and receive an answer from Him in the correct order, because this desire is normal.

Seminar ABOUT IT, January prayer retreat KEMO`2018.

Source: https://ieshua.org/pro-eto-ya-ne-duhovnyj-esli-dumayu-o-zhenitbe.htm