About the rapture, but from a totally different angle

We know that about rapture there are three theories circulating among Christians.

The rapture takes place before, in the middle, or at the end of the great tribulation.This has been much debated and will continue to be debated. Why this dispute is good?

This has forced many to ‘dig’ more and to study the original texts, to translate them from Greek to Hebrew and then back to English to understand what God said through apostle John. Rabbis are also involved, those who have converted to Christianity and know Jewish traditions, and so on.All this has led to 3 options.I will say straight away that I am a supporter and I am convinced of the ´before’ theory, but I am not going to prove here why.

A few suggestions from me. There is no need to ‘babble’ your beliefs everywhere and say that what you think is as certain as death. It strongly disturbs the minds of the listeners. When ap Paul informed the Thessalonians, it was only an objection to those who said that the resurrection had already taken place. But certainly this fact is very informative and important to all of us, whatever position you believe in.

Now let us talk about human psychology: when a wedding is planned e.g. in two years, then the preparation is a rather dizzy. Why? Because we have enough time after all!

If it’s 7 days left before the plane leaves, some haven’t even taken out their suitcases. However, if 3-4 days is left than a lot of resolute action is taken. However, if only a few days are left and the vacation or trip is longer, then most things are already prepared, you check  the the list to be sure you have everything you might need, and so on. Exactly the same story is with rapture – before, in the middle or at the end of the great tribulation. Although Jesus advised people to be ready all the time, He knows humanbeings in the sense of them thinking that ‘there is still time’.

So what do I want to say in the end? When there is too much time left then relatively sluggish preparations are made. 

If little less time is left, ‘bustling’ starts! 

If there is distinctively short time left, then hurrying up starts! 

So there is a little time left. Think that the rapture will take place at the beginning and hurry to make preparations already today!

Pastor Paul Armand