Actress Stacy Dash: “I was going to have an abortion, but God told me to let my son live.”

The famous Hollywood actress told how God spoke to her at the moment when she was about to have an abortion. This gave her the strength to stop one step away from the tragedy, and give her son life.

Actress Stacy Dash, best known for her roles in Hollywood films and TV series Renaissance Man, The Prince of Beverly Hills and C.S.I. Crime Scene spoke In an interview with People magazine  about what prompted her to refuse abortion.

Stacy spent her childhood and teenage years in the South Bronx. She lived surrounded by drugs, physical abuse and suicidal thoughts.

“I was a miserable person,” recalls Stacey. – “It got to the point that I no longer wanted to live. A voice in my head kept saying, “There’s nothing here for you.”

She later began dating musician Christopher Williams and eventually became pregnant.

“When I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t want to live at all. I took a lot of drugs and was looking for a way to end my life. But first, I wanted to have an abortion. I remember how I came to the clinic to terminate the pregnancy. Everything inside me was torn, I cried and told God: “Please tell me what to do,” – said Stacy. -” And God answered me. He said, “Keep your son.” It was so real! I pulled the cannula out of my hand and said, “I will not give up my son.”

Her son Austin, whom she almost killed, is now 25 years old. She also has a daughter, Lola, who is 12 years old. The actress does not hide her past from her children.

“The best way to protect my kids is to be honest with them,” Dash says. ” I want them to know. There is nothing that they cannot overcome.”

Stacy’s story is one of many thousands of testimonies of how women at the last decisive moment decide not to have an abortion, saving the life of their child.

In a December in an interview with Fox & Friends, actress Ashley Bratcher, who played the role of Abby Johnson in the acclaimed film “Unplanned” (the film tells the true story of the former director of the clinic for planned parenting, Abby Johnson, who left the abortion to become an advocate of life), shared the shocking details of her own birth.

She said that after she had already agreed to the role and started working on the set, her mother called her and told her that she had almost aborted her once.

“I was in the clinic, on the table. I came to get rid of the pregnancy and was examined by a nurse. And at that moment I had a severe stomach ache, I suddenly felt that I simply could not do it,” her mother told her. “I got up, went out and chose you.”

“It amazes me that I didn’t know anything about this until the moment I took on this role to play Abby Johnson and tell one of the most life-affirming stories in the history of cinema,” said Ashley.

Based on materials from THE CHRISTIAN POST