An interesting analogy

When God wanted to create fish, He turned to water (Book of Genesis, ch. 1).

When God wanted to create trees, He turned to earth.

When God wanted to create a human being, He turned to Himself.

And God said: “Let us create man in Our image and our likeness.”

Please note:

If you take a fish out of the water, it will die; and when you pull a tree out of the ground, it also dies.

In the same way, when a human being is separated from God, he dies.

God is the source of our life. We are created to live in His presence.

We need to be one with Him, because only in Him does life exist.

Let’s remember that water without fish is water, and fish without water is nothing.

Soil without a tree remains soil, but a tree without soil is nothing.

God without man remains God, but man without God is nothing.

God bless us all.

May we strengthen ourselves in God and humble ourselves, and worship and serve Him!
Let us seek the face of God always and seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, and everything else will be added!

By Ella Armand.


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