Apologist Ken Ham: James Webb Telescope Images Failed to Prove Big Bang Theory

“Images of the vast universe taken by the new James Webb Telescope have failed to prove the Big Bang theory,” Christian apologist Ken Ham has announced.

Christian apologist, founder and director of the USA Creation Museum, Ken Ham, recently wrote that even images taken from the most powerful telescope do not confirm the Big Bang theory.

The $10 billion worth facility is said to be the most powerful telescope ever built and can see faint objects that its predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope, could not. Before sending the new telescope into space, many astronomers expected it would allow scientists to look into the past and confirm the Big Bang theory, which states that the universe began billions of years ago from a single point, in a single explosion and has been expanding ever since.

“The data obtained do not confirm that the Big Bang happened,” wrote Ham.

In his statement, Ham quoted physicist Eric J. Lerner, a secular scientist but highly critical of the Big Bang theory.

“New images of space taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will awe everyone who sees them. But to most professional astronomers and cosmologists, they are also extremely surprising — not at all what theory predicted for them,” Lerner wrote. “James Webb’s images clearly and repeatedly contradict the Big Bang theory, which holds that the universe began 14 billion years ago in an incredibly hot and dense state and has been expanding ever since.”

Ham added that the scientific basis of the Big Bang theory is not as solid as many claim.

“Many scientists—even atheists and naturalists—know that there are big problems with this idea,” Ham wrote. – “Looking at images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, you will be in awe of the incredible beauty, wonder and order of the sky. But don’t stop there. Praise Him who made it all and sum it up in a simple sentence: “He made the stars” (Genesis 1:16).

Source: Апологет Ken Ham: Изображение с телескопа Жеймас Уебба не обълни доказать теорию большого взрыва | News in Victory