Are believers allowed to get tattoos?

Our reader asked the question: “I would like to hear Boris Saulovich’s opinion on the art of tattooing. Is this allowed? “

I am a conservative and I do not think it is for believers.

Why? For example, can you cite a verse from Scripture?

There is really a clear reference in the Torah…

Give us clear instructions on whether to do it or not.

Of course not, and under no circumstances do it. Not in any form. But on the other hand, opponents may say, “You yourself believe that ritual prohibitions are no longer a strict command.”

But what verse in the Scripture would you give us? As far as I remember, it is forbidden in the Bible to “printi any marks upon you” or is there a broader concept?

Yes, everything is much wider. Again, if a believer made certain tattoos in one way or another in a life where he did not yet know God, then from my point of view it is okay that they remain on his body now. But if a person who really knows God trusts and follows Him and believes in His Word, and if he now starts tattooing himself, then well… but again, I can’t say it’s such a clear sin.

Does that mean it’s an indicator or a sign of something?

Let’s just say it’s a sign of unresolved spiritual problems. Such a tattoo can be an external physical expression of some unresolved spiritual problem and at the same time it represents a certain challenge and, first of all, a challenge not to this world, even if it is “a biblical” tattoo, but a challenge to believers.

In fact, we have been given a very clear command that we should not deliberately be a cause for stumbling to our brothers and sisters; so that we do not create unnecessary conflicts.

This means that tattoos are usually done by young believers…

Yes, I really don’t know of any case where a believer who has been a believer for years and then would suddenly get tattoos with three crosses or four Magen Davids.

It turns out, consciously or not consciously, but the motive may be provocation, an attempt at self-importance, and rebellion?

All the cases known to me are widely known in the Christian world. For example, a famous evangelist whom God used in a certain local revival got tattoos for himself, and then it turned out that he had very serious secret spiritual problems which later became public.

And such a question: if, for example, a person got tattoes as an ubeliever or during the time when he had withdrawn from the faith, and these tattoos relate to a clearly ungodly context, is it possible or necessary for such a believer to replace these tattoos with a neutral drawing so as not to wear a public occult insignia, inverted stars, inverted crosses?

If possible, then this is desirable. But again, this is an individual issue. And such a believer must consult with his spiritual leader, with his spiritual authority, and solve this problem with him.