Bishop of Mariupol Gennady Mokhnenko met with Pope Francis and prayed with him about Ukraine

Well-known Ukrainian military chaplain from Mariupol, Bishop of the Church of God (Ukraine) Gennady Mokhnenko met with Pope Francis.

“There was a very interesting, detailed conversation. About many things, but, of course, most of all about Ukraine and about my native Mariupol.

We prayed (Just a minute… I remind you, I am a Protestant bishop.) together with Pope Francis for our country. I never thought that someday the Pope of Rome would ask me to lead a prayer and after my “Amen” he would continue it with tears in his eyes.

We shared our vision of the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. I confess that I am shocked that, despite his monstrous busyness on the eve of the funeral of his predecessor Benedict XVI, Francis found almost an hour and a half for non-business communication with the Ukrainian chaplain, – the pastor wrote.

– Details of the meeting with the Pope – later. There are many, and they are very interesting … ”

Source: Мариупольский епископ Геннадий Мохненко встретился с Папой Франциском и молился с ним об Украине – ВО СВЕТЕ (