Blind brother Artyom Ilyukhin once again praises God on the streets of Russia



At times we are so greedy for repentance, we curse destiny and evil, and we have lost everything beautiful in us, and when we have no strength left to pray for ourselves, sometimes others pray for us.

But life is like a rose, it blooms, stings – and every thorn is especially painful when at least someone prays for our pain – the Lord hears them and heals us! 2 ×

Failures cut us like razors, we can no longer count the scars! As long as others fight for us in prayer, no one will fall!
And life is like a rose, sometimes it blooms, sometimes it stings, and every thorn is especially painful… 2 ×

Our brother in Russia has a dream to release his worship album and he collects money for this purpose.

If anyone knows Christians in Russia and can share this video would be great.

He can be supported via:


Sberbank: 2202 2026 4106 3528

Mobile banking: +79505970433