Boris Grisenko: Do ​​not put up with the spirit of weakness

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Boris Grisenko: Do ​​not put up with the spirit of weakness. At 11 am every day in the office of our community and in 15 places in Kyiv, as well as in many other places where our people come together, there is a prayer of unity. And at the end of one such prayer in the office, we were shown that there is another spirit that is now very much influencing everyone in Ukraine. Its action is insidious, implicit but unfortunately, effective. This is the spirit of weakness. He weakens our will, our faith, our physical strength as if undermines the strength of our body, weakens God’s aspirations, God’s desires and makes it possible for the enemy to strengthen the ungodly.

Together we bound this creeping, as if sluggish, pale spirit. But when he works, God’s life under his influence gradually weakens. The spirit of weakness is implicit, it is not one of the most terrible and main spirits, but its creeping action paves the way for everyone else. We should not reconcile ourselves to the fact that in a strange way our strength is weakening, the hand raised to God before is slowly lowering and the desires that we had from God are gradually becoming blurred.

Friends, the Lord has shown it to us not only for us. He showed it so that everyone could resist, break the strongholds of this spirit that have already accumulated in our soul and resist it until it completely leaves God’s people.


God, we do not want to succumb to this weakening spirit, we do not want to succumb to its creeping action, we do not want to allow anyone or anything to weaken the power of life, resurrected and unceasing, which You have revealed in our hearts. We do not want to allow this spirit to weaken our faith, to undermine our confidence in Your love, Your protection and Your power. We don’t want to let him invade God’s territory and smear that mighty act of God that You’re doing.

Spirit of weaknesses, in the name of Yeshua haMashiach, who took upon Himself all our infirmities, bore and tore them apart on Golgotha, we command you: let go of God’s children, let go of God’s people, let go of the will, mind and conscience of God’s people. The blood of Yeshua is against you! And by the authority of the King of kings, we cast you away from the Lord’s inheritance. The royal priesthood will trample on you. And you, slippery spirit, will slip into your prepared traps and we will throw you into the abyss in the name of Yeshua!

We thank You, God, for the power of the Holy Spirit, which You give beyond measure to all Your children who are open to You, crushed by Your love, ready to capitulate before You and surrender to You every day anew. Glory to Thee, Mighty God of Israel! Amen!

Boris Grisenko, rabbi of KEMO