Boris Grisenko: Don’t give in to the spirit of perplexity

“And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth there will be despondency of the nations and perplexity…” (Luke 21:25)

The spirit of despondency, the spirit of confusion, the spirit of bewilderment, the spirit that paralyzes willpower, the spirit that disperses attention and, as it were, confuses thoughts, it is now acting on Ukraine. In the first couple of weeks it was quite obvious, but it’s happening now as well. But we must be alert and not give in. In all such difficult times, the enemy uses circumstances to sow despondency, hopelessness, to weaken and lower hands, so that our knees buckle.

This is especially true for believers. Unbelievers are anyways under his power. And the children of God are his main target. He tries to weaken the will, confuse thoughts, perplex and first of all, lead us off the clear and narrow path of God, on which we are always completely safe, and lead us aside. This is how this spirit works: “I don’t understand anything! How did God allow it? Why is this happening? Why didn’t the believers stop it? Why didn’t pastors and ministers warn, or let us say rebuke it? Where is everyone? Where is God? What to do? How?” Confusion, disappointment, bewilderment, rolling in waves, turns a person into a chip of circumstances.

When despondency comes to you, when you want to say: “Chief, everything is gone” and the mood changes sharply or falls visibly, stop and forbid this filthy spirit. Don’t be influenced by it. And don’t think it’s you. This is an alien creeping rotten spirit of despondency, depression, oppression, melancholy, which wants to eat away our joy and with it our faith. Friends, if you notice yourself inside this mood, this state, in no case do not let this muddy water overwhelm you. Stop, take the power that Yeshua gave you. Take this authority over your thoughts, over your feelings, over your mood.

Mood is not our master. The mood should serve us. And we should have power over it, not the other way around. But that only applies 97 percent to God’s children. Only they have such power for real. If you can’t do it, turn to your brothers and sisters, turn to your mentors. You should be in touch with those ministers you know who have been in charge of you in time of peace. You should be in touch with those who can support you in difficult times. You shouldn’t be ashamed to say that you feel bad, that you are lost and feel all these unpleasant things. Do not be embarrassed, do not be afraid that you will be judged.

When times like these, the enemy uses them to the maximum to attack the mind, soul, conscience, memory, imagination and physically attack God’s children. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Together we really can not only win, but every time we win. During this wartime, we have accumulated many examples of such victories. Never be alone!

Boris Grisenko, rabbi of KEMO



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