Boris Grisenko: God always works, even if we don’t see it

The book of Esther is such a special book that gives us a lot of insight into what’s going on right now. Here are some conclusions from Purim and pre-Purim events that are relevant for today:

1. A well-known feature of the book of Esther: throughout the book, God is as if behind a veil, as if hiding Himself, His reality and His control of events.  He works, but if we read the first layer of the book of Esther, He never explicitly comes on the scene.

2. Because of this, the illusion arises that the enemy of God, the prince of this world, the prince of the power of the air, really dominates and controls what happens. In fact, he can do this only to the extent that people allow him to do so and even more so when his servants call him to act and do his will. But even in this case, his power is limited, of course, by God.

3. God works:

– through prayer, through faith, through the actions of God’s children;

– using the efforts of satan and his hosts and their servants, because all these spirits of darkness do not know the future. They can only predict what comes from their plan and works for their plan. But they do not know the future, they do not know much that is happening in the hearts and in the souls of God’s children. And they are far from omniscient even in relation to the present. And God knows all this, and His power is limitless. Therefore, He can use the plans of the enemy. And the enemy cannot use what God is doing and God’s plan, because He is unknown to satan. He is known to him as far as He is described in the Bible and the specific dates, methods, forms of implementation are hidden from the enemy.

God still remains the sovereign Lord of everything visible and invisible, the sovereign King of kings and Almighty God. Not just strong, very strong, but He is the Almighty always. The devil and people do not know when God will sovereignly intervene in such a way that it will strike everyone, not only His enemies, but also His children. And in every difficult situation, when it reaches a certain critical state, there is a sovereign intervention of Almighty God.

And it is so good that God from time to time opens this veil for His children, as He did for Elisha, when, it would seem, he was finished, because a huge army of Syrians surrounded the city. And Elisha’s servant Gehazi fell into complete panic, because he looked with physical eyes and God’s prophet saw spiritually and said to the servant: “Those who are with us are greater than those who are with them.”

Each of us should repeat these words of Elisha to ourselves every day. And as an exception, Elisha asked the Lord to open the closed spiritual eyes of Gehazi and show him the true state of affairs, because it is what is happening in the spiritual world that is true. And what is happening in the material, physical world is only a derivative of true events hidden from our physical eyes.

Boris Grisenko, rabbi of KEMO (Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation)