Broken dreams of our sister Fazlia

Broken dreams of our sister Fazlia. Sister Fazlia* worked as a teacher in Afghanistan. The Taliban searched for him the day after the rise to power. Hana Nasri *, an Open Doors front-line partner, met Fazlia some time ago. He heard Fazlia’s story and prayed for iher. He describes Fazlia’s situation as being in the middle ground. “Yesterday she was a teacher, today she is not. Yesterday her community respected her, today she has to flee for her life, ”Nasri explains.

As the crisis began, Fazlia was preparing for her wedding and the wedding dress was already ready. Now, however, her world has changed and her dreams are stuck halfway. Nasri and Fazlia spent a very emotional moment together. “The wedding was important to her. We cried and held each other. Fazlia pointed to the sky and said that her strength to endure suffering comes from there,” says Nasri.

Fazlia left Afghanistan with seven schoolchildren and some of his sisters and brothers siblings. She continues to teach children, but now she uses songs from the Bible. “Having lived her life in a culture where a father, husband, brother or son takes care of safety and protects a woman’s travel and decisions, Fazlia’s situation is particularly challenging. She is responsible for all in an unfamiliar environment,” Nasri says.

In addition to uncertainty, Fazlia lives with her unfulfilled dreams. She has to face the possibility that the wedding and the dream of her own family and career have to be sacrificed. At the moment, she has to take care of the children. “I’ve always loved them and I wouldn’t trust them in anyone else’s care. I made the right decision, but I don’t know how my story will end,” Fazlia told Nasr.

“Fazlia took my hand and said, ‘Your hand is now like God’s loving hand on me.’ Then she pointed to heaven, showing her where she is getting his strength.”

Source: Sisaremme Fazlian särkyneet unelmat | Open Doors Finland