But that was not the case at first

You know, the world is distorting everything today, and Word of God can be understood differently. I will also tell you that how we Slavic people understand God’s Word and how it is actually written do not always coincide. This is because we are from a different cultural background and our understanding and attitude towards man and woman is different. If you look at a Slavic Russia and a pagan Russia, you would be shocked discovering how women were treated at that time. Our roots and codes have not been changed by anyone, and we all unite into one big family, under the same code, the kingdom of God, and we can change our thinking and our attitude, so it is impossible to stay in this old culture and live in the kingdom of God at the same time in some new format. You know that every country and nation have its own cultural code and the Slavic people have their own, but that is not what I wanted to talk about today.

It is not my intention today to rebuke anyone for you so you would run home after the service and say to your husbands: “You must hear this sermon!” He is not obliged to do anything and no one has to force him to do anything. I want our service to rebuild, and I certainly do not want it to destroy anything.

Above all, I want our women to understand how it was in the beginning, how God created the feminine beginning, and what it means to be a woman. What does it mean to be feminine in nature? It used to be funny to say that a beautiful and lovely girl in a cute dress could hide a brutal man. It’s not that funny anymore. No matter how gentle a beautiful woman may look, there may be such a powerful masculine beginning inside her that some men may even envy her. However, there are men today who are very feminine and I want to learn from them how to be feminine. There are such examples today. I’m not talking about homosexuality or lesbianism here, but we have both a masculine and a feminine origin and what kind of dog you feed it lives in you. In the future, I want to feed a feminine and not a masculine beginning. Speaking of which, I have spent quite a long time of my life in a church and it is not like a club card for me, which I bought in an emotional whim and I nearly use it but I really go regularly to church and serve here.

We mostly live in a patriarchal society where men teach us. How can a man teach a woman if he does not know the woman? He teaches her how to be a good man with an extra function. The phone also has the main function of receiving and making calls, but there are additional functions and the price of the phone depends on how many there are in this phone. I realized that men don’t do it on purpose. At school they were taught mathematics and physics. They do not know who is a woman.

Sometimes it seems to me that we are like things without a soul, because unfortunately we do not know our own soul at all. We were forbidden to be a woman, and not intentionally, but because they do not know and have not learned this lesson. I am grateful that I live in an age like today, where there are many materials and opportunities for development. Many men have finally begun to find out what a woman is like. These are the kind of men who want to live in a normal and good family, not a family where you control everyone and everyone is sitting and waiting for a chance to leave the event called family. No, I’m talking about men who really think why we can’t live together, maybe we don’t know the person we live with. That is why I want to reflect with you today on how it all started.

Who is a woman? We all know, and it’s no secret, that the woman was taken out of the man. In the beginning there was a man, I assume a man and a woman were together. Adam gives names to the animals and it is written that no suitable partner was found for him. What did the Lord do? He took the rib from Adam. He did not cut off the index finger of Adam, but He took the rib. The rib protects all vital organs. He creates a woman from this rib. So, He separates the man from the woman. The feminine beginning goes into the woman. What is this? How to live with it? She has to be in a masculine beginning with Adam, or does she have some other element?

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called a man’s wife, because she was taken out of her husband.” (Exodus 2:23)

I was told that the ancient Hebrew language uses a masculine and a feminine beginning, meaning that the Lord separates the masculine origin from the feminine beginning. In the church, we are often not taught how to be women, but we are usually taught about how to be good men. I don’t know if you were raised in a different ministry, but when I speak of myself, I learned for many years how to be a good man. Such a good fellow who turns the mountains upside down, and you know, it turned out very well for me. You can even see that I am strong, and that is why I have noticed that with this strength, a masculine origin provides an opportunity to conquer the land. Authority has been given to the masculine origin. The man and the woman have been told to multiply and to fill the earth, but what Adam must do is to conquer the earth and that is this masculine origin. Speaking of my life, I had a stage in my life where I conquered the land and I was sincerely convinced that it was my lifeline. Of course, for a physical life, it is such a good security if you have a job and authority, a conquered land, but it removes femininity from many of us and destroys our families. Men become weak, women gain strength, and problems begin. But look at how it all started. In this verse we see two important things the Lord is teaching us today:

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.

In other words, yes, he admits that a woman is a bone of her bones and flesh of her flesh. In Semitic, the term bone of my bones means my other self.

What does “my other self” mean? Imagine that Adam came to the woman and said, “You are my other self.” You are no stranger. Now think about if your husband would tell you that then how you would react. Would you relax? You do not need to prove anything. You are my other self.

Let’s move on.

Adam says, “You are just like me. You are as dear to me as I am to myself.”

How many problems would disappear from our lives if someone told us, “You are the same as I am. You are as dear to me as I am to myself.” When we as women agree to hear the words: “You are not like me! You’re not worth it! You should be glad I lowered myself to your level. ”

What happens at that moment? The feminine beginning begins to live by proving itself. I will prove to you that I am the same as you!

Working with a lot of women, I analyzed that today, unfortunately, many women accept the role of a lover. But do you know what makes them most excited about it and why they choose it? Because the man who wants to conquer this woman tells her: “You are special to me! The woman I have now doesn’t matter to me. Be patient, I’ll leave her soon. But you are my other self. Finally, I met a soulmate!” And the woman runs headlong into that relationship. Sincerely believing that she was chosen from thousands, but at the same time she automatically agrees to a secondary role. Imagine how stupid it really is. Girls, we’re so addicted to this. Be attentive to the person who is telling you this today. You’re like me.

If the woman does not hear and does not know then the woman will start to prove it. If you and I live to prove ourselves, we will be successful, my dear wives. We are doing it well. Life shows that we are much more successful than our men, but there was only one thing a man had to do. Just to tell is that you’re like me. Not when he says: “You haven´t done anything today?!” but when he says, “You’re like me.”

Another is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39)

Whatever you want people to do to you, do to them! This is the law and the prophets. (Matthew 7:13)

There are definitely wives listening to me right now. Women who were married or have men has friends. What happens? The nature of us women is sacrificial. In sexual and emotional relationships, it is the case that a man participates and a woman surrenders. That is why men and women cheat differently. When the man left, it is not yet certain that he is gone. But when a woman leaves, it is more serious because we have a sacrificial nature. We sacrifice and give of ourselves.

For example, if your husband treats some people with respect, patience, love and is kind, but shows no respect, patience, love for you and is greedy instead. Then the woman thinks – I’m a woman. My dear lady, if you continue to endure it, you will soon be no longer a woman. Next to him you will be one of his good fellows, who will prove to this man that you are like him. “I can also show love, kindness, and care to someone, but I will eat you my dear man for breakfast”, and the battle, the war, and destruction will break out in our homes. Inside it all, children grow up.

God created a masculine and feminine origin, and it is in this union that something divine is born. That is why I am asking you women to think about this. Do not accept such things. Don’t let yourself be treated like this.

I am kind by nature. When my husband gave money to someone, I had nothing against it, quite the contrary, but when I noticed how kind he was to other men and women, but when I was approached, I received completely opposite behavior. Did the “witch”, the “jezebel”, the “attacker of his calling” arose in me? No, girls! It was a woman who is protesting: “Hey wait a minute! First of all, me! Because where there are two, I am first.” The woman is safe when she is covered by her husband. When a woman sees that a man is treating her in the same way as he treats himself and other people.

My dear sister, did you envy your husband when he bought new clothes for himself but did not buy for you? I bet you did. I remember ironing his shirts and thinking of burning them because he had new clothes, but I didn’t. Did I then fight with the “witch” and “Jezebel” within myself? No, I struggled with a feminine origin. I should have sat on the couch, stretched out my legs, forget the dishes and the children. At one point, he would have noticed that something is wrong. He would have asked

  • But what happened?
  • You forgot me.

In the same way, we can apply this principle in the church. Sometimes you do something in people’s lives and it is no longer a matter of care but already like providing services. That person has no need for it anymore, but you have feed him and become like a god in his life. But you know, people don’t worship such gods; therefore, as women, when we have a man next to us who has chosen us out of the thousands and asked to marry us, then at least he should be responsible for treating us as he treats himself and others. This is a command. This is how a feminine origin is created. You are not the first, but he is the first. That was in the beginning.

I understand that we don’t have such an ideal picture and maybe it can’t be built but we can change it in new relationships or attitudes towards yourself and other people. Try to understand that you’re not fighting within yourself with a “witch” but with a woman who already has a genetic a cry in her heart: “Why am I treated like this! I’m the most intimate! ”

A woman gets tense when she sees a difference in how her husband treats people, himself and herself. At this point, the woman wakes up in you, and that’s normal. Can you imagine how many years we have killed her inside, sincerely thinking that at some point a man will appreciate it? My dear, a person never appreciates what he has not contributed to. Why does God need our sacrifices? Because if we don’t contribute, we don’t value it. And if anyone wants everything to be free of charge today then I will tell you that you want nothing to be precious to you. We only value what we pay for. Contribution. I’m not just talking about money. As the Jews say, “It is good that only money was taken!” Someone has brought their life and destiny to the altar.

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called a man’s wife, because she was taken out of her husband.” (Gen. 2:23)

“Flesh of my flesh” is translated in one translation as “the one with whom I can share my feelings and thoughts.” This means that when a woman hears Adam’s precious words, at that moment she gives Adam authority. You remember at a conference I said that a feminine origin needs to surrender to someone. No matter how strong a woman you are, you are still looking for someone to surrender to. Many women have achieved a great deal and are very authoritarian, but later you will notice how a teenage son rules over her. She surrenders to her son. She needs someone to surrender to. Of course, it’s all destructive.

When a man is sincere and trusts a woman as much as he trusts himself, the woman gives him authority. When a man has authority, a woman respects him and promises to give her a name. Remember Adam gave Eve a name. What’s the name?  When you get married, you allow this man to give you his name, shape your destiny, and therefore women are often held hostage to men’s choices. It’s so hard for us today. We must artificially subdue ourselves, pronounce our name in front of a mirror, even though we do not love or respond to that name. This is fundamental. Before you can build anything, you have to agree. Or if two ask for something in agreement, they will receive it from Heavenly Father.

When communication is lost, there is no trust and you speak different languages. For years, I ignored it and convinced myself that we were at least looking in one direction and running towards one goal. But if you want to spend time together and your husband doesn’t have time for you in his schedule then that’s it. No matter what name he gives you, you will not respond to that name. You give yourself another name.

Remember when the people built the tower, and the Lord said that the languages should be mixed or they would build the tower. The Acts record how the believers were united together and God added the saved souls to the church. Initially 5000 after 7000. In a short time, the church grew. Why? Because there was one soul. They spoke and understood each other in the same way. But what is happening today? We do not develop communication skills with the people who are closest to us. If I ask you today, do you and your wife pray together? This is the hardest part. You can pray in the elevator with your neighbor but not with your wife. The devil is doing everything he can to keep us from communicating so that only our claims and negative statements grow and we use each other because we now have responsibilities to each other.

“The one with whom I can share my feelings and thoughts.” Eve spoke to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. I really like the way some preachers say that Eve spoke to the serpent because Adam did not talk to her. There really is some truth in it. What would it look like in our real life? The man wants to be alone and doesn’t talk to you, but you’re already starting to figure things out. Or he said something and you got it completely wrong. When I talk about my life, I have no communication skills at all. When I start speaking, I do it only with a loud voice and hysterically. Many have lost communication skills, but I didn’t even manage to develop them.

Today men say “You must obey me! Don’t make me angry!” That´s it. A snake enters who can talk to the woman and the man doesn’t understand how he was away from home for only two hours, and the woman has already created such an internal global problem. If you do not ask to be talked to today, you will kill a woman inside you, because if you cannot talk sincerely with someone who is closest to you then you won´t agree and your feminine origin will suffer. The feminine origin grows only when the woman is listened to.  She is not judged, she is not told about her mistakes, she is simply listened to and accepted.

That is why today I would like us to analyze these two spheres. You need it everywhere. Whether you are married or not, but if you want to develop a woman in yourself, you have a circle of loved ones where you need to develop relationships. If you are not valued as a woman in this circle of loved ones, you may become a missionary and learn how to do it.

I have a friend who is also developing in this realm. I remember once when we had a vacation together, something happened and we crossed her boundaries. She felt uncomfortable and her husband said something. She didn’t like it. She got up, had poor communication skills, cursed and left. She then came back with red cheeks and said, “Please don’t take it personally! This is my problem! I’m in process! I just can’t talk right now! I’m going to sit for half an hour by myself now and I’ll be back!” I was thrilled! What a level!

I remember once speaking in the fellowship of men and they touched a subject that was painful for me. I started arguing and explaining something. In the end I added: “What to do, men, I’m a woman. Thank you for listening!” A man’s high pilotage is when he is able to accept a woman with her emotions, then she is protected. This is power!

Do you know what a family is? It’s a thing of your whole life. There are fruits in this lifelong thing: children, the future and generations. We must strive for source and truth. It doesn’t matter what our ancestors did. What matters is what God’s Word says. We need to adapt to these standards. When a woman realizes that she is a woman, the story is quite different. I’m not saying you have to be hysterical and quarreling, but if you don’t have the skills to communicate, it will look ugly at first. After the woman learns that her emotions are accepted, she relaxes and stops proving herself. We are like that because we try to be good men, but we don’t succeed because we have two hemispheres of the brain working at the same time. We can’t be men. We can’t turn on emotions once, then logic again. They all work together.

In conclusion, we understood two very important things:

1) Bone from my bone – he takes care of you just as he takes care of himself. Some men might listen to me and they may think they are not taking care of themselves at all and that’s why he doesn’t take care of his wife either. But let me answer you. Do you know how well God balanced everything? A man learns to take care of himself just when he takes care of a woman. A guy’s apartment and a woman’s apartment are different apartments, but it is more comfortable to live in a woman’s apartment. Men are made men of God when they take care of a woman. In the end, they conclude that they should take care of themselves the same way. In the same way, when we come to church, we learn to love people by caring for them and later realizing that we need to take care of ourselves. Caring is very important.

If the woman doesn’t see that she’s being taken care of, she says, “I can handle it myself!” or the man says, “Go and do it yourself!” Woman, don’t go and don’t do it yourself. Tell him, “If I do it myself, I will soon no longer respond to your voice. If I can give everything to myself then why I need the one who calls me?”

Adam gave Eve a name.

When a man tells you, “Now go to work and make money for yourself!”

then reply: “Listen, I don’t want to lose my hearing. I want to hear your voice. Don’t take it away from me. I can afford it all myself. I can pull myself together. Turn into a strong man and prove to you that I am like you, but then soon I will not hear your voice. I don’t care what you have to say, because who are you?”

“I’m your husband!”

“This matter can be resolved.”

A man’s authority is when he covers a woman. When he cares for her, then the woman hears and responds to his voice. But men say women are greedy. Hey! This is God’s law. The world is so organized. You either obey these laws and it is in your favor or you ignore these laws and you will suffer. You choose!

The other thing that lies in this verse is sincerity and trust. If you can’t be sincere and trust within the relationship, it won’t work. Sooner or later, such relationships will crash. It is at this moment that satan kicks our door open, comes into our homes, and destroys everything. Do the two go and take the road if they don’t agree? There is great power in the masculine and feminine origins. When the masculine and feminine origins meet, it is a manifestation of God on earth. It is at this point that God Himself appears.

Why is God against homosexuality? Why did He burn it all? There are two identical beginnings. Today, when a woman lives with a man, but the woman is forced to prove that she is another man and everyone run after their own voices, such marriages are problematic.

The woman says of the man, “he was lying on the couch there, but I grew up. I studied and took various trainings. I’ll run on!”

She can’t hear the man’s voice. How many good Christian families are destroyed? The man, however, lay down on the couch as he was tired of fighting with the woman. The woman was stronger. That is why God makes a woman lack such a cover. In all her strength, she is strong only when she is covered with the protection of a man. The power of a woman builds up. If a woman has no cover, she destroys. She is like a fire. If a woman is not restricted, she will burn everything down. She is like water, if she is not restricted, it will drown everything.

Let’s think about it. Let the Spirit of God work in us. We must no longer allow the destruction of the feminine origin! Explain to your husbands: “It is normal for me to react in such an emotional way. I’m a woman. Just listen to me. Cover me! Sit next to me and listen to me. Please don’t only condemn me! ” It has power.

We can teach people how to treat women in a right manner. It’s not right for a woman today to learn how to be a good fellow. It will destroy everything! If you think your marriage will be saved by taking up the seventh job, I will tell you that you are wrong. It can save your marriage if you go to your husband and say, “God said He could improve my hearing. I am able to surrender and follow you. But you have to do something.” And gradually let him know what you need. He gets used to it, but he has to have bonuses too. You really need to clean your ears.

It hurts men the most if you haven’t forgotten, but your ears were clogged. Why were your ears clogged? Deafness. You don’t react. You have forgotten what it means to be a woman. I don’t want to live in a masculine origin and prove anything to anyone. I want to hear God’s voice. Very many women do not hear God. The scariest verse for us when we can fight and win on our own is “your power is to sit still.” I believe the time will come when God wants to wake us up as women. We have great power. The most important thing is to dig it out, accept it, receive it, and teach others.

Dear Jesus, we ask you to touch us. Touch women who have been forced to live by proving themselves. Touch despised and exploited women. Those who were not trusted. Touch! A woman who is used to living wrongly considers it a normal condition, but this was not the case at first. God created sincerity in the relationship between a man and a woman. Today, it is fashionable to even cheat each other and compete in who can do it better. And so, we dig even deeper. Dear Holy Spirit, please let us be able to trust You, at least in the beginning. Let us be able to receive Your care. Let us be able to be sincere and honest with You. Give birth to these skills within us. Let this communication skill come into our lives. Let our women wake up. Let this feminine origin be in your power. Let every woman recognize Your voice and be obedient to Your voice. Dear Jesus, let our care be much in our lives. Let it be a relief in every woman’s life that we may feel those feelings as heaven cares for us, that we may have a sharp hearing at that moment, for the more we take care of ourselves, the less we will hear Your voice. You said: “Don’t worry about tomorrow!” Give us grace to have such a close contact with You that we can believe that You are good and able to take care of us. I beg You too, give us mercy to be sincere. That we would not be afraid of our emotions so that we do not come to the prayer room and talk beautiful things about You, but give us grace to be honest. If it hurts, let us cry. If it’s fun, let us laugh. If it is bitter, then let us grieve. But be honest and not play the game. Help us to train ourselves in the spiritual life of what it means to be a woman. Let your supernatural peace and grace descend on this land. Awaken this feminine origin and let each of us awaken in our feminine nature.  You know all the secrets. This means that this is the lacking puzzle piece which makes this beautiful picture complete. The Lord bless us!

That’s the transcript of this video:




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