Can believers watch every movie, TV-show and program?

Boris Saulovich, in your opinion, what kind of movie can believers watch and what kind of movie they cannot? After all, even good films often contain bed scenes, shootings and so on. And can believers watch things like Comedy Club ( a Russian stand-up comedy TV show) and similar shows?

Frankly speaking, I myself enjoy watching some humorous programs. For example, I still love “Dovgonosikj Show” – this is one of my favorite Ukrainian programs. In general, it seems to me, they were pioneers in a certain area throughout the entire Slavic-speaking community. And it’s great that such a thing has appeared in Ukraine. Of course, someone can criticize me for this, and someone sincerely does not understand what I could find there.

But, of course, if this is a show in which humor is below the belt, and you watch, and it starts like that, you need to switch TV off immediately. Do not wait for the vulgar things to pass, and hope that the time will come for the refined and noble. We must change the channel immediately.

In addition, I think that it is contraindicated for believers to enjoy various bullying of people and to experience such malevolent pleasure and enjoy it. I mean such comedy shows, where, in addition to touching various vulgar topics, popularity is gained precisely because of bullying, and angry ridicule of people, whoever they are.

Now, about the films. I watch films myself very, very rarely. That´s how it has unfolded. I only select films after I have received specific recommendations. I take advice from people who watch a lot more movies than I do. And they recommend to me, or I read the reviews, which movie is really worth watching. And since I watch a movie every few months, one movie of some kind, I want it to be not just a time when I do not sin, but that it would be above all, emotionally useful for me. And films where blood is shed, where there are such special effects that it seems that we are testifying direct murders of people, it is all so natural, even if there are no bed scenes – it seems to me that such films are contraindicated for believers.

Although I know many believers who enjoy it. I know some good seemingly sincere believers, who watch some kind of mystical thrillers, which are clearly mixed with the occult. And they explain it in such a way that in this they find some important spiritual lessons that they use in some biblical sense. I do not believe in this. I personally don’t believe in it. I do not want to be a dictator and control everything that people do in our community, but I find some things just reprehensible for God’s children, not to mention some clearly obscene scenes.