Chag Purim Sameach!

Today, the call of Esther and Mordechai is still important and relevant. The solution to all our problems is to unite and rise above the selfishness that divides us. We know many examples of Jews uniting in difficult times. But this is not enough, we need to learn to be in unity all the time.

We must maintain unity and love for each other over all our differences and disagreements, like brothers in one family, like different flowers in one bouquet. Who is right in a difficult situation? The one who rises above contradictions and disagreements, for whom unity is above all.

Our people should become a symbol of unity and love, “a light for all peoples”, an example to follow in relations with each other. No one can do this alone, but we can do it together.

Purim is the perfect state that we must experience. If we “hang our selfishness on a tree” that divides us, if we “put on a horse” love for our neighbor, then we can realize the inner essence of the Purim holiday, that bringsreal joy and fun to the world.

Happy Purim!

Source: (4) Виктор Вербицкий | Facebook