Chinese witch dedicated herself to Christ after miracle of healing

A former shaman woman from a village in northwest China left her former life filled with “demons and darkness” and dedicated herself to Jesus Christ. All this happened to her when she saw Jesus in a dream while on her deathbed.
Open Doors USA, an anti-persecution group, reported on Ting’s story last week, when a former shaman revealed that her abilities once attracted thousands of people to seek her “divine advice.”

But one day her health began to deteriorate and she was completely paralyzed. Doctors, she said, were unable to explain her illness.

When she was on her deathbed, Ting said she fell asleep and saw Jesus. “I was in the back seat of a taxi when my brother drove me into endless darkness. But then three men, who were dressed in shiny white robes, came up, but their light was so bright that I could not see their faces. They told me that I had to make a choice. And as they spoke, two other men in black robes invited me to follow them. I knew in my heart that one of the men in white was Jesus, so I followed Him. “

When she woke up, she realized that she could move again and her health improved. Ting knew that Christ healed her and therefore decided to give her life and heart into His hands.

According to Open Doors USA, Ting “could just as easily have returned to the life she knew, filled with demons and darkness.” But despite the persecution and abuse she experienced at the hands of her family, she decided to become a Christian: “She did not give up, holding on to the Word of God, which became flesh within her. She had a dream that changed everything. “

Open Doors noted that Christians in China, especially in rural areas, are being severely persecuted. The country is in 39th place in terms of persecution of Christians around the world.

Becoming a Christian is considered a “complete shame” and greatly affects the relationship with the family. According to the group, Christians are rejected by people dear to them, and they are sent into exile.

Open Doors added that Ting’s story serves as a reminder that no one lives “out of the reach of Jesus.”

Other religious Chinese groups, such as China Aid, have also posted reports of the rise of Christianity in the world’s most populous nation, and persecuted believers are increasingly violent.

Christian pastors and human rights activists such as Pastor Zhang Shaojie, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2014, were reportedly imprisoned.

“Recent reports that he is on the brink of life and death after being tortured in prison would be an unacceptable abuse of human rights even if he was guilty, but the deliberate mistreatment of an unjustly convicted pastor is a grievous injustice.” Mervyn Thomas, chief executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, said in June.

Other pastors, such as the Reverend Eric Burklin of China Partner, who trains Chinese Christian leaders, said that despite the persecution, Christianity is thriving in terms of numbers.

Burklin said in June that he spoke with one of the pastors in Nanjin City, who shared with him that he saw 100,000 new believers come to Christ on average every year.

Based on materials from CNLNEWS