Christian Against Poverty warns of the catastrophic cost of living and possible famine

Christians Against Poverty, a British charity, warns that the Easter holiday in 2022 will begin a huge contraction in family finances due to rising costs of living.

The beginning of April marks the rise in energy margins and the CAP notes that with tax increases and wage stagnation, it means “a difficult year for many”.
CEO Paula Stringer said: “We cannot stand by and allow people to fall further into poverty. For millions of people already living in poverty and in debt, the rise in the cost of living is catastrophic.

The organization reported that it has seen a 47 per cent increase in calls to its debt helpline compared to 2021 and the number of inquiries for fuel coupons and food parcels doubled.
Government Minister Keith Malthouse said in an interview with Sky News: “It is very difficult at the moment.
We fully understand that the combination of factors means that prices will rise significantly, especially energy prices, which is caused by a number of factors – the post-pandemic events, the events in Ukraine, other global factors beyond our direct control. It will be very rough.”

Experts warn that food problems will arise in many other countries in the coming months.
The “perfect storm” of multiple global problems is destroying the world’s food supply at once. It is already called the worst food crisis since World War II.
The World Food Program estimates that 285 million people are currently hungry.
David Beasley, the former governor of South Carolina, the head of the World Food Program, said the world’s food supply was catastrophic even before the events in Ukraine.
“We don’t have enough money already, and now Ukraine … We have reduced the ration in Yemen for 8 million people, for Niger and Chad,” Beasley said.

In the United States, American food prices rose 10% year-on-year, a steep rise in 40 years. According to experts, this will lead to an increase in malnutrition among poor American families.
But in developing countries, it can literally be a matter of survival.
Military action in Ukraine could deprive the world of a third of the world’s wheat. Russia and Ukraine together produce almost a third of the world’s wheat. However, Ukrainian farmers are currently unable to start planting and Russian exports are being sanctioned.

Beasley said: “They should replant and harvest. If they don’t, we will have global supply problems.”
There are other factors: fertilizer prices and floods and droughts in different areas.

“Bread For the World” president and chief executive Eugene Cho said the U.S. needed to do more to fight global hunger and asked Congress to approve an additional $ 3.8 billion in emergency aid.
Cho said, “We’re just talking about Afghanistan – 98% of the population can’t eat enough. One million children under the age of five could die of malnutrition by the end of this year. Eight million people in Yemen are in dire need of food.”

Beasley warned that the global food crisis could develop into a political crisis.
Disaster after disaster, Beasley concluded. “So don’t be surprised if you see destabilization in some countries over the next six to nine months.”

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Source: Организация «Христиане против бедности» предупреждает о катастрофическом росте стоимости жизни и возможном голоде – ВО СВЕТЕ (