Christian billboards have been installed in different cities of Ukraine to encourage people (photo)

In Ukraine, 100 billboards have already been installed in ten and nine hundred cities with inspiring quotes and places from more than expected for the population and the military population, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports.

As described on, the idea is to replace the use of obscene words, which became widespread with the outbreak of war, with spiritual inspirational quotes and Bible verses.

Aleksey Ivanov, senior pastor of the Zaporizhia region, said that 20 billboards with biblical texts and calls to prayer and repentance have been prepared in Zaporozhie.

The Christians have developed other features for this initiative, you can download the layouts here.

Source: В разных городах Украины установлены христианские билборы для ободрения людей (фото) | Новости inVictory