Christian Vision tracks cases of persecution for anti-war stances. Telegram bot launched

The Belarusian Christian Group monitors cases of persecution of Christians for their anti-war stance or support for Ukraine.

The Belarusian Christian interfaith group “Christian Vision” has prepared a detailed list of Christians persecuted by religious organizations and authorities for their anti-war position or support for Ukraine in defense against aggression. The lists are available in Russian and English, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with reference to the Christians Against War project.

There are currently 48 names there. Monitoring is carried out on a regular basis.

Among the persecuted Christians are representatives of different faiths, both priests and parishioners.

The list and details of cases can be found at the link.

You can submit information about those who suffered for the anti-war position using the telegram bot – @christianvisionBot.

Source: «Христианская визия» отслеживает случаи преследования за антивоенную позицию. Запущен телегнам-бот | Новости inVictory