Christian woman from Mongolia talks about how God healed her damaged eardrum

A Christian woman from Mongolia told how she received healing from a damaged eardrum.

Hasansana, 53, explained that she had injured her ear while in high school. Since then, she said, she experienced acute, severe pain and began to hear poorly, writes Manmin.

After being examined at the hospital, the doctors diagnosed the damage to the eardrum and prescribed treatment, which, Hasansan said, did not help.

In September 2015, the woman began attending Manmin Church in Mongolia. The Christian woman said that the numerous testimonies from church members who were inspired and convinced her that God was able to deliver her also from this illness.

In 2018, she attended a special Daniel prayer meeting. A few days later, she realized that while listening to the sermon with headphones, she heard with both ears.

“It was so amazing. I checked it several times. I could really hear perfectly well. God really lives!- She added. – God brought me to church. He healed my ear which no medical treatment could cure. I give all thanks and glory to God! “