Christians help Jews immigrate to Israel amid pandemic

In Israel, Christians help Jews immigrate back to their homeland. Although the pandemic has resulted in a significant decline in Jewish immigration, Christians are in favor of helping people return home.

According to CBN, the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem organized the flight of 226 Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The immigrants landed in Israel on Monday evening.

Many of these immigrants tried to make aliyah (return to their historical homeland) several months ago, but due to Israel’s restrictions on COVID-19, everything was postponed. Upon arrival, they were to undergo quarantine.

“It’s great to be part of yet another large flock of Jewish families moving to Israel,” said ICEJ President Jurgen Buhler. “Supporting aliyah is one of the main tasks of the Christian embassy, ​​and this pandemic season has actually become one of the most critical stages of our involvement in the return of the Jewish people to their homeland for 4 decades.”

Since the beginning of the year, the embassy has supported flights to their homeland for more than 780 new Jewish immigrants. Since the embassy was founded in 1980, the organization has helped over 160,000 Jews immigrate to Israel.