Church in Minsk, which condemned Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, is threatened with deregistration

The New Life Church in Minsk, whose building was taken away by the Belarus authorities in February 2021, is threatened with deregistration. Authorities said that community gatherings in the parking lot of the confiscated building were taking place without the necessary permission.

The pastor of the church, Vyacheslav Goncharenko, recorded a video message on February 24, in which he stated that “war is madness!” and called for peace. Since then, the church has been praying regularly for an end to the bloodshed in Ukraine.

On August 1, the leadership of the church received a letter from the Minsk City Executive Committee with a warning that services were being held without proper permission.

Bishop of the Association of Full Gospel Churches Leonid Petrovich Voronenko will meet with Vice-Chairman Artyom Nikolaevich Tsuran, who signed this letter, in the near future.

The Church asks for prayer support “for God’s protection and help in resolving this issue, so that the will of the Lord is done in everything.”

Source:Минской церкви, осудившей военные действия России в Украине, угрожают лишением регистрации – ВО СВЕТЕ (