Prophesied to Pastor Paul and Ella Armand

Pastor Glenn Foster, 1998

I, the LORD thy God, anoint thee, that thou mayest be anointed with strength and great power. You’re going to raise the dead. Just as satan has taken life, you will begin to give life, says the Lord.

I give infinite anointing and it starts to grow as you open your mouth. The words of the Spirit flow through you. You know the words, but the words of the Spirit will flow from your mouth, and the words of the Spirit will release the prisoners and break the chains of injustice. Child of God, get to know this day because I anoint your life, words, mind and spirit. You go with My protection, God says.

God, Father, You anointed that day as a time of mercy. You said the word clearly and gave direction. You show the way and you guide our steps. You inform all of humanity of theopportunity to be free today and forever. Lord Jesus, we believe that You will give them a special anointing and power, the presence of the Holy Spirit. Honor Your name by leading their paths!

My son, want to see this day because it will be the fulfillment of Scripture that all the saints have wanted to see. The power of God will then reveal to My people what I have predestined before the creation of the world. You will begin to perform the individual functions of My Hand. The Spirit of the living God will begin to flow through you without measure, as you have never seen before. This anointing is rising right now to accomplish this work. I authorize you and fill you with the Holy Power of Israel. You will be surprised by how God’s power will flow through you to accomplish what He has said before the world was created. As I said, the power of God has risen within you and wants to flow through you. All the saints have wanted to see this day because it is the fulfillment of Scripture.

There are a few things God showed me.
The new word is coming out of your mouth like fire, and you are like the sword of God. God’s word comes out, and God’s fire destroys the sinner’s heart. And it bears fruit. I am sure I felt what I could see: how a spiritual flaming fire comes to the people and touches and serves them. The Lord showed me the places you will serve.
Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Stockholm, Denmark, Copenhagen.
Germany: Bonn, Berlin. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.
In all these places you will begin to serve and everywhere the Spirit will minister to the people.

And again I saw that it was a destructive (swallowing) and purifying fire. I saw you carry a flag fluttering in the wind, it is fire, and behind it is fire, and it brings glory. And wherever you go, it’s a fire. It does not end because it is a movement of God, not man. This is exactly as Peter said, it is God who creates it, not him. Therefore, you cannot fail to do so, even though satan is trying to resist.

As we prayed, I saw how God took your hands and sealed what He has done in your life. What He says about this seal is this: You feel courage, obedience, sensitivity to the Holy Ghost, and love. But I authorize you to create something new, God influences people to create something new. It’s like a technique that is constantly evolving and looking for something new. This technique is evolving and becoming smaller and more powerful. New technology offers new opportunities. In the same way, I seal what I told you. Not just courage, not just a word, not just a sensitivity to Me, My hearing and your response. I’m going to create something new. And My Spirit does it.

Paul, I see a vision. I see your skin jars filled with fire, it is the fire of the Holy Spirit. I see this fire coming out with every step and setting the Church on fire. This is the fire of the Holy Spirit, this fire is within you. It is not about you, it is the fire of the Holy Spirit. It brings thousands to Christ, the fire of the Spirit brings!

Pastor Glenn Bagley, 20.03.1998

Know that I have called you! I have anointed you, and now I authorize you, says the Lord. And now I am sending you out with the power of God’s Word to work in your life. Know, I give to your unpolished words such power and such tenderness and love that they melt stony hearts. I will give you the voice of a prophet and apostolic authority and righteousness, says God. The voice to be heard and taken into account. Know that the governments of the nations will come to you and ask you to speak to parliaments, kings and rulers. Know that this is the hour when I have anointed you and sent you to show the good works of the Father, who have called you to show the love of God the Father, who has saved you to show the power of His love. I have given your heart and mind to understand the love of God the Father as you have never understood before. Because love covers a multitude of sins. I send you that this love might cover many sins. May love be a flag raised above you! May love be the most important thing that is always with you! And know, I am Love and fulfilling all the needs of your life in love. And your ministry becomes known as the ministry of love.

There is one more word for you, brother.

Just as Paul once served, following in obedience and understanding what he believed, so now in the last days, God will put you as Paul, with the same authority. He saw Paul’s aspirations, and He sees your desires. And now God will work mightily through you to spread the gospel. You become fearless because you know you have to fear your God. And you can see the power of God that powerfully fulfills God’s Word through you. It will change lives, bring real freedom, and help people enter the kingdom of God. Stand, be strong, be confident and independent! I want to use you more powerfully and more than you ever dreamed.

“Heavenly Father, You have anointed that day as a day of devotion. The time when the brother was with us, it was a time of grace. You spoke your word clearly and gave direction. You gave many clear wordsover Paul’s steps and his ways. You spoke that he will carry this flag upon the nations of the world. Lord Jesus, we unanimously decide to send them out with Your special anointing, the power, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, who will follow and be with them and guide all their steps. “

The following prophetic messages have been spoken by Pastor Glenn Foster, David Foster (pastor’s son), Dotty Bonar, and Petty Hildebrand at Pastor Foster’s home prayer meeting on March 24, 1998.

Pastor Glenn said that God would give Paul 3 businesses to help with his ministry. One of them is related to publishing. It starts small and starts to grow.

He said that Paul was going to Poland and that God would use him to destroy the thick wall of darkness between the Polish Catholic Church, the people and the government.

David said he saw the same vision, but he did not see that it was Poland. David said he saw covers that had been torn open for a long time and exposed a group of people. These people are in darkness, and Paul brings to them the light of God’s word.

Pastor Foster said Paul will be a stallion in organizing meetings of Full Gospel businessmen in many places where they do not currently exist.

David said that Paul is not afraid of anything that is greater than his understanding and that he is unable to control. Paul may feel small, but he is not afraid.

Petty said Paul had a burning torch in his hand and went to burn the world’s lies. He puts this torch on the lips of people who speak lies, and burns those lies when they come out of their lips.

The pastor saw Paul sitting on a horse. He called Paul a horseman of freedom who rides throughout Europe in the power of God’s word.

Dotty also said he saw Paul as Paul Revere, who rode in the countryside during the American Revolution, warning small villages of the British coming.

Paul begins to ride in Europe, carrying the word of God to deliver people. The pastor said that the freedom riders wore a flag with the inscription: “Free Europe”.

Pastor Foster said Paul would have broadcasts in many radio stations.

He said many businessmen would soon want to sponsor Paul’s service.

Paul writes more books than any European author, even more than Martin Luther.

He will proclaim the prosperity and success of businessmen to help them with their problems. Then they will begin to support his ministry.

Pastor Foster told the church service that Paul has a special anointing and will become Billy Graham of Europe.

David saw elephant and mouse syndrome – a mouse chased an elephant. The explanation was that no matter how big the opposition is, it is fleeing Paul.

Pastor Glenn Foster, February 2, 1999

The Lord says you are Mine. I anoint you with holy oil, My son. You put your hands where there are no brains and they start to grow. Where there are no eyes, they appear there. The miraculous power of God is upon thee, My son, have faith. Take the faith of the Lord and run with it! You know that faith is in your heart, My Son. I’ll tell you, you did well!

I am your Provider, I bless you every day,
I am your Supplier, Jehovah Jireh is My name,
I am your Provider, sing and cry and praise,
I am your Provider, Jehovah Jireh is My name,
Sing and dance, Zion, says Jehovah Jireh!

Come to Mount Zion and see how I raise the dead to life. This is Recovery Day. Jesus is Jehovah Jireh, who said, Call on the name of the Lord. He said so, cry out to the name of the Lord, that’s what you said brother and you do it, sister. Call on the name of Jehovah Jireh. Jesus is no longer dead, we all come to life.

And I will give thee the golden nails which were in Solomon’s house, saith the LORD; Golden nails are money. Just as in Solomon’s day, as Solomon said, money is the answer to all things. Money for the whole service, city and nationwide crusades and radio station. Three golden nails are struck in the gold vein and attached to the temple wall.

Do you feel the heat in your shoulder flowing through my hand? It is a divine government and it surrounds the throne given to you to sit on. God says: I will give you thrones, and you will judge the 12 tribes of Israel, it is a spiritual church and the shoulder is a symbol of government, the government stays on it and your whole shoulder is on fire. We also put our hands on the other shoulder, which is a sign that God has called you to servein a 5-fold ministry.

The throne of the cherubim is always with you, you stand in the midst of them, in the midst of the angels you stand in the fire, but not in the fire of men, but in the fire of God on earth. You do not know all the facts, but you have the Word and on that word you move and the mountains fall.

Brother Ron Birck
I will give you the mind of Solomon and the heart of David. The lion is no more standing before you, and though Goliath came against David, David killed him. My son, thou shalt kill him, saith the Lord GOD.

Pastor Glenn Foster
I see all Goliath’s brothers, he had 5 brothers, they gathered from all their tribes and they had 20-30 children. They come and say you have to fight each of us, but as soon as one was hit, they all ran away.

Pastor David Foster
You have come to know the power, might and authority of the world, but I will show you what it means to be strong in the Spirit. There are 2 different currents, people have two kinds of goals, and the goals of My Kingdom are not of this world. That is why I am developing in you My power and strength and character, and they are not the same as you felt in the world. I’m developing new features in you. The things I let you experience are not just to bring out your weaknesses or to test you or to honor Me, even though it is also true, but to bring something new with it. Every time you are in a new situation, you take on a new challenge, every time you have to trust me, your strength grows. It will take many years of your life to become strong, purposeful, to fulfill the mission given to those before you. Now I am developing the same things in you, and when I send you out, you will be strong and resilient, and the things that come against you will bounce back. Opposition always comes, but I always give you victory. I will always give you victory to come out even stronger and you will rise to the top and your enemies will be scattered in My name and you will walk with a smile and know that God did it again and He will do it all these years and use you as His tool to get things done receive and He will restore you and make you strong in the glory of His name and refresh you.

Pastor Glenn Foster, March 3, 2000
I will keep you in My ways and take care of you more than others. You’re like an eagle. I guide you and your steps. You are hiding under a tree crown that protects you. The death of the crucifixion afflicts you, but I, your God and Savior, will raise you up on the third day. This trip was organized on My behalf. You will be blessed when you get home, the sacrifices will come through the mail and God’s provision through the air. I will come and confirm you, I will lift you up and you will proclaim the word of Me all over the world and you will be free and independent.

Brother Ron Birck

My son, don’t be disappointed in people, because they can really let you down. I have chosen and called you, and I am going to do completely new things, help will not come from the East or the West, the North or the South, but from My hand.

My son, I have set you aside for a moment to see where you are. No human could have brought you to where you are now, and no human could lift you to where I will lift you.

Come into My peace and sit at My feet, get to know Me. I am your God, and I will bring to pass what I have called you to do. It is not the work of your hands or the fruit of your thoughts, but the work of My Spirit. Indeed, guided by the Spirit of God, they are children of God.

Look not to the left or to the right, but to Me. I am the originator and finisher of your faith. The thoughts you think are from Me, they are not human thoughts or human paths, because it is written that in the end times I will create something completely new.

When you go to people, it’s only the second day. I will bring My children to the third day, and I will give them knowledge and wisdom from the third day, when you sit at My feet and hear My word.

I say to you again, Do not worry, sit down and get to know Me and do not be disappointed in people if people do not understand you and do not understand your vision! I have arranged it all, I, your God, planned it. I have called my people to trust in Me and believe in Me. Thou shalt see great things come to pass, saith the Lord thy God.

Sweetwater Church of the Valley
Arizona, Phoenix