There comes a time. when you go beyond a certain point and your heart gets so hardened that even if the Holy Spirit speaks to you, you can no longer hear it.

That is the reason the Bible says: “Come to Christ in your youth before the evil days come not, when your heart is tender. Come to Christ. Any time you hear the voice of the Spirit of God sayig come, you better come then and now. You may never have that moment again. He that hardeneth his heart being often reproved shall suddenly be cut off and that without a remedy.

A friend of ours this morning was driving and he came up over a hill and he was going very slowly and he had his wife and his daughter with him and a man was not familiar with that particular territory. And he came over the hill and he hit the side of their car and by the time she got to the hospital, she was dead never dreaming this morning when they got up, a happy little family, that she would be gone before noon.

How quickly it all happened? Come when you can, come to Christ when you have a chance.

You have that tonight.

“He that being often reproved shall suddenly be destroyed and that without a remedy.”

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow. For thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”

We do not know if we will be alive tomorrow.

You do not know that if you are alive, you will have another chance like this.

Come while you can.

If you would die tonight are you sure that you are going to heaven?

Before you answer it think seriously. Close your eyes and think. Be honest, only you and God know the whole truth. If you would die right now, are you sure you’re going to heaven? If not, then today you have a chance to get to know Jesus, whom I meet, and whom I now serve – the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. If you are not completely convinced that you are going to heaven then will you pray with me this short prayer:

“Heavenly Father, I am a sinful person. Today I confess to you my sins. I repent of my sins and ask You: Forgive me! Please cleanse me with the blood of Jesus Christ! Wash me from my iniquity!

Jesus Christ, I believe that you are the Son of the living God. I believe You were crucified, that You rose from the dead on the third day and that You are now sitting on the right hand of Your Father. I beg You to come to live in my heart today – not only as a Savior but also as my Lord! I’m surrendering my life to You, Jesus.

And now, devil, I command you in the name of Jesus: Take your hands off of me.

You no longer have power in my life. I have been paid for by the precious blood of the Lamb of God, and I am delivered. Every single yoke in my life is broken by the blood of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I thank you very much for forgiving me my sins!

Thank You for saving me. Thank You for the name of Jesus – every name must bow before this name and every tongue must testify that Jesus is the Lord and Savior! “

When you have prayed this prayer, I say to you: Welcome to the kingdom of God!

By Billy Graham.

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