Comfort or battle?

It was in early spring, when the spring birds that had come to visit us had just started twittering, bright green grass appeared, and the trees began to gain vital juice after a long hibernation.

Alex, going out into the courtyard of his house, admired God’s Creation, everything delighted his heart: the spring sun, and the wise chirping of birds (they shared their memories of the long journey), and waking trees, and his family and children.

Alex had everything: there were joys, there were problems, but most importantly, he had a Path. Yes, he had found the Great, Endless, Limitless Path of Spiritual Growth. Not every person has found the Way. But Alex was lucky. He had found it, or they helped him, but that doesn’t matter anymore. It was important that he stood on his first level of Spirituality.

His heart was overflowing with joy.

“How beautiful this world is,” he said to himself and, rolling up his sleeves, walked towards those who needed him.

There were trees, flowers, vegetables, birds, etc. He worked heartily in his garden, filling everything that his hands touched with love. And his hands lovingly dug, huddled, planted, removed, and it seemed that there would be no end to this bliss. But the end always comes to everything.

Alex’s heart began to behave somehow strangely. No, it didn’t hurt, it called. But where, why, whatfor? Alex could not understand this. More and more often he began to think and to listen, but could not understand.

And then one day in the fall, Alex was gathering a rich harvest.

The mood was excellent, the harvest was a success. He was squatting, picking tomatoes and humming a song, when suddenly he heard someone calling him. Raising his head, he saw the Teacher near the gate. Alex immediately understood who it was, although he had never seen or heard him, and his clothes were the same as everyone else’s. But Alex’s heart was jubilant, it was ready to jump out of his chest. Alex went to the gate and with every step he felt a kind of lightness, strength and courage.

“Peace be with you,” said the Teacher.

Alex bowed his head, taking Master’s hand and placed it to his forehead. This was a greeting from the student to the Teacher, as they were taught in the School.

They sat on a bench near the house.

  • Well, student, are you ready to go to the battle?

Alex was silent, but in his thoughts he struggled, he would have to give up a lot. His comfort and bliss, his calmness and silence. Well, he had to sacrifice a lot. But he understood that he had come here not for bliss and silence, but precisely for battle.

Alex was still silent.

The teacher, of course, saw all his thoughts.

– Well, Alex, are you ready or not?

Alex was silent and struggled within himself. He had just recently found bliss. Work, garden, home, family – everything was fine and calm, what to do. What? Refuse? Well, why does he need this battle, dirt, wounds, horrors, losses? What for? Again he asked himself. And suddenly he heard the Master’s voice. Heard it in his heart.

My son, you cannot refuse, they need your help, understanding, faith, love. Many people are waiting for you, many need your strength, many need help. You came here to strengthen, grow, show Divine Love and bear the Glory of the Sword, the Divine Sword of Justice.

Alex looked at the Teacher. The Teacher was silent, he was silent at the physical level and spoke at the level of the Spirit with the heart of a student.

Alex spoke:

“But I don’t want to go into the mud, a swamp, to be a puppet in someone’s hands, I don’t want to help someone and then be poured over with mud by those whom I have helped, and false witnesses will accuse me. I have come to perfect my soul to earn a ticket to the Kingdom of God. Why should I do what I don’t want to?

The Teacher hugged Alex and drew him close to Himself:

“When you came here, you made a commitment to be a warrior and go to the battle. It’s time. Well, about the kingdom of God, you’re right.

You can perfect yourself and come to the Father, but this will take a very, very long time.

Why did the Great Warrior and Traveler did not sit on the mountain, meditate and pray, but went to the people, to that very mud and swamp, to shame, humiliation and, ultimately, to crucifixion? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Don´t you think that sitting somewhere in a cave high in the mountains and making bread out of stones, teaching those who want to learn and bringing what they want to those who are thirsty, He could become much more famous, and deserve the glory of a Great Sage, and die, having lived to be 100 years old …

But He, the One who is worthy of all the blessings of the Earth, went into poverty, to the lepers, not afraid to get infected, to the publicans, i.e. to dishonest people who have the power to take taxes from people, and not always in an honest way.

They condemned Him: how can He go to visit them, and He talked and did His job. A matter of light. He showed by His example what can be done and what can not be done.

The example of the life of the Great Warrior has remained with us for many, many centuries. Yes, He was crucified, but we were saved. By His physical death and sacrifice, He saved us. Only by His example of a righteous life did He save us.

And now the time has come for every real warrior, striving by his actions to help this world to survive.

And if you can help even one in need, He will welcome you in the Kingdom of God with His arms. But know: the choice is always yours.

After a pause, the Teacher asked again:

– Disciple, are you ready? Are you ready to follow the Path of the Great Warrior? Are you ready to be honest, faithful and dignified?