Conform or transform?

“Do not conform to this age” (Romans 12: 2a)… How many Christians have heard these words many times. Do we understand their true meaning? We must all be attentive to what we read in the Word. The superficial study of the Bible, what we too often so, does nothing.

“Do not conform to this world” – the Greek word translated here as “conform” means correspondence to an image or form. In that case, the Word warns us: do not imitate, do not take the shape and form of this world, do not adapt to it. Brothers and sisters, we are different from this world. A Christian is not like everyone else! We are not of this world. And yet, many of us cannot stop watching the news and worrying about the problems of this world (be it the economic crisis, war in Ukraine, corona virus etc.), gradually comparing our actions and conversations to what is accepted in this world. If we become like the world in what we think, hear and talk, what do you think will happen to us? We become like this world, we adapt to it. And when your life is occupied with the world, its worries and “joys,” you can be sure that you will not grow in Christ.

“… but be changed by the renewal of your mind, that ye may know what is the will of God, which is good, acceptable, perfect.” (Romans 12: 2b)

Instead of adapting to this world (becoming like it), we need to change. To change means to change your image, your shape. What should be our new image? The answer is simple: it is the image of CHRIST. As Paul writes in Galatians 4:19

“My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.”

Pay attention to the word “formed”! The Christ who lives in us must take on our new form! As Colossians 3: 2 says:

“Turn your thoughts to heaven, NOT earth” (Word of Life Translation).

You can not say this more clearly. Change takes place through the renewal of our minds, and it is up to us to dedicate our senses to them. There are only two possibilities: terrestrial and celestial. In the first case, you become a spiritual dwarf,  a born-again Christian who remained in infancy and unable to grow, voluntarily mentally underdeveloped, who forsook all the enormous growth potential placed in him by the living CHRIST. In the second case, spiritual growth awaits you, the manifestation of the image of Christ in you, close fellowship with the living God, whom you “tasted and knew that He is good.” As 1 Peter 2: 2 says:

“… like newborn babies, love pure verbal milk so that you can grow to be saved.”

Growth comes from God’s Word. We need God’s Word to grow. Not religious teachings that sounds extremely moral and godly, but the truths of the Word! As the Lord says:

John 8:32
“… and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

What is the truth? Christ, speaking to God your Father, said, “Sanctify them through thy truth; your word [i.e., the Word of God — approx. ed.] is the truth ”(John 17:17). Truth, the Word of God, will set you free. Are you looking for that Word? What we turn our thoughts to is decisive for us. Whether we choose to conform to this world or grow and change after making a decision (and it is ours to make that decision) to renew our thoughts, turning our thoughts and aspirations to heaven, not earth and we feed our minds with the Word of God so that we can grow.

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