Corruption by lust

“Running away from the corruption of lust that prevails in the world.” 2 Peter 1: 4.

What is corruption in the world? And what is corruption in our home? And what is corruotion among spouses? What is corruption in the church? Or what is the corruption in your own heart?

Corruption is self-love with accompanying greed, vanity, envy, backbiting and gossip, disputes and strife, etc. It is the corruption and destruction of righteousness, peace, joy, good relations between people – between people in this world, between married couples, between children and their parents, between members of the same church and between believers in general.

And where did this corruption came from in the world in which we live? From lust!

Peter said to those who wanted to get a share in the divine nature: “Run away from the corruption of lust that prevails in the world!”

When it seems to us that someone is violating our inner boundaries, a spark immediately flares up in us. It develops into a fire, and before you have time to realize it yourself, it causes a violent reaction, expressed in an uncontrollable stream of words that escapes from your tongue. This is how corruption occurs in the home. James says this fire is kindling hell!

Get out of the corruption! This is not something that only happens to unbelievers in this world. Corruption manifests itself where lusts rule, even to the smallest degree. Not only among unbelievers, but also in your heart, in families and in the church.

Extinguish this spark before it turns into a fire within you. Turn off the tap before water spills out and causes decay. Curiosity leads to gossip, and greed leads to envy. If you sow into the flesh, then you will also reap corruption from the flesh. You will reap corruption in the home, in the church, and in your own heart. What you sow is what you reap!

Think about corruption! It all comes from lust! Let death come for the flesh with its passions and desires!

Those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts. (Gal 5:24.) And your life will show it!