Creator of the Universe

Jewish parable.
One day an atheist came to a sage and began to tell him that he did not believe in God. He simply could not believe in some “Creator” who created the Universe.

A couple of days later, the sage paid a return visit to the atheist and brought with him a magnificent painting. The atheist was amazed. He had never seen a more perfect canvas!

What a beautiful painting. Tell me who painted it? Who is the author?

– Are you serious? Nobody. There was a blank canvas and above it a shelf with paints. They accidentally tipped over, spilled and here’s the result.

Why you joke like that? laughed the atheist. – It’s impossible: great work, precise lines, strokes and combinations of shades. Behind all this splendor one can feel the depth of the idea. You can’t do without an author in such a case!

Then the sage smiled and said:

– You are not able to believe that this small picture was created by a chance, without a preliminary intention of the creator. And do you want me to believe that our beautiful world with forests and mountains, oceans and valleys, with the change of seasons, magical sunsets and quiet moonlit nights, arose by chance, without the intention of the Creator?