Daniel Jaster: Putin’s fury and the example of Norway

Daniel Jaster: Putin’s fury and the example of Norway. There are many theories about Vladimir Putin’s motives. Someone says that it is about restoring the glory of the Soviet Union and the return of everything that was once part of the USSR, the republics of the Soviet Union. Others argue that this is a religious quest – the restoration of the glory of the Russian Orthodox Church and Kyiv as the center of Russia. Undoubtedly, you have already read similar versions.

However, on a moral level, Vladimir Putin is a fanatic of control and domination, regardless of the influence of other motives. Some point out that if NATO guaranteed the neutrality of Ukraine and did not talk about Ukraine’s entry into NATO even in the distant future, then this war would not have happened. But NATO does not seek to accept Ukraine into NATO in the foreseeable future, so this argument does not suit me.

I think the whole point is that when a Russian-speaking people lives next to your country (and the majority of the population of Ukraine is bilingual and speaks both Ukrainian and Russian), organized in the form of a democratic republic, this is a threat to your totalitarian rule . And I think that’s the main reason. None of us can prove our theories on this subject. We just know that he is a killer, and now he is furious.

I believe that Putin sees himself as the true leader of all the Slavic peoples, just as Hitler considered himself the leader of all the Aryan peoples. Hitler viewed the Slavs as an inferior nation, as those who in the future would have to serve the Germans, despite the fact that the Slavs also belong to the white race.

And at the same time, Hitler fiercely opposed those Aryans who did not want to follow him. When invading Norway, he expected the Norwegians to accept him, as he viewed them as an Aryan nation. The invasion dragged on for six weeks, the lives of many soldiers were laid and ships were lost, and even after that, resistance did not stop in the country. So this occupation was not easy for him.

My great aunt returned to Norway from Brooklyn on the eve of World War II. In her letters to relatives, she described how difficult this occupation of Norway was for the Germans.

Undoubtedly, Putin is so enraged by the resistance of the Ukrainians that the destruction of their cities and the destruction of the civilian population is his direct response, the response of the terrible Putin.

Ukraine deserves many prayers.

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Source: https://ieshua.org/daniel-dzhaster-yarost-putina-i-primer-norvegii.htm