Dear brother, godly love starts from the altar but lust starts from hidden places

Stop getting into pointless relationships because she has a nice shape.

A big butt doesn’t sustain a marriage A praying, supportive, and passionate woman is the one you need. Stop settling because you “like what you see”. What you see should be what God presents to you, not feeding into lustful desires.

You will always see another woman with curves, chase God not skirts. Let Him guide you to the right woman, not the woman who’s “right for the night”.

Many men think it’s cool to get several girls in bed before settling down, but that’s just foolish. If you wouldn’t want your daughter dating that type of guy, don’t live that life.

Pursue her heart, not her body. Sex is for the right context through covenant commitment, not for girls who you choose to simply hook up with. Focus on God, not random girls.

Let Him lead and direct you, walking with God will direct you away from lustful women. Purity is possible, brads. Don’t let society influence you, keep following His Word. Keep God’s word in your heart so you can keep lust out.

Unknown author.