Dear holy brothers and sisters!

We are waiting for a revival and that is good and right. I believe it will come just before the Rapture of the Church. I heard from the Holy Spirit: harvest, harvest, harvest is coming! So set yourself up in faith.

If we compare the present time with the Biblical timeline, then we should learn from the apple tree.
Let’s look at the apple tree (in Latin malus domestica), in order for it to bear fruit, i.e. apples, it has to produce flowers, i.e. blossoms, bloom and stop blooming, and only then small fruits appear and it takes time for them to grow and become ripe. In this timeline, we are at the end of the “bloomless” period when the fruits are produced, although small at first, but they grow into delicious apples.

Now let’s look at the bloom of the apple tree – besides everything else, it has five sepals, five petals and a womb with five mouths. A flower must be fertilized to bear fruit. How wonderful God’s creation is.

Let’s look at some examples from the Bible related to the number 5, it is a sign of His grace. The five smooth stones that David took from the stream, the five loaves of bread that Jesus multiplied into more than five thousand, the hand has five fingers to function perfectly, the five positions of service in the Church – apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist and pastor.
It is also interesting that only a tenth of the blooms develop into fruits, because the rest remains unfertilized. The tithe belongs to God! Let’s wake up!

I continued to hear the word of the Spirit about the soon coming future harvest – the great harvest – the end time harvest coming to the Church to spread the Gospel!

Continue to sow, start with even 2 euros, don’t eat your seed, believe in the harvest.

Dear brothers and sisters, believe this message of the Spirit and let us continue to sow abundantly in order to reap!

And again, the word domesticus, translated from Latin to English, means domestic music or music at home. We as believers are on our way to the Heavenly Home and only there will we hear true praise – God’s domestic music! Amazing how the Creator has arranged things!

So let us remain in constant thanksgiving and be faithful and consistent in doing good with joy!

Pastor Paul Armand
City church

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