Denis Podorozhnyi: “Slava Ukraini! Ukraine will win!”

Thursday, February 24, 2022. Russia started a genocide against Ukrainians, as a result of which the world saw the real face of the “Russian world”.

Many of us have been changed by the war.

It is already impossible to remain the same person if you are deprived of your normal life at one point.

All these war-inspired changes brought a lot of pain to Ukrainians and became part of our mentality.

It was hard to imagine that stories from the Second World War would appear in our reality.

Night bombing raids, Russian tank columns on our home roads and yards, enemy artillery sowing death and sweeping away streets, villages and towns.

Gostomel, Mariupol, Kherson, Kharkiv, Irpen, Bucha, Okhtyrka…

These cities are heroes.

Russia failed to capture the sea, the air, or even maintain control over the territories it initially managed to conquer. The Kremlin has not been able to achieve strategic success in any area.

During this year of war, each of us was convinced that a peaceful life would not be given so easily.

Hundreds of thousands of real heroes protect us every day.

We wake up and continue to organize our lives: we go to the store, to work, and hug our children.

This is because our heroes are those who protect our country out of good will, the call of the heart and civic responsibility.

Let us pray especially for those who defend our freedom.

Thanks to God for their lives, deeds and dedication, that they protect our cities every day: in Kharkiv, Kherson, Soledar, Bahmut, Melitopolis, etc.

I think that every Ukrainian already knows that there will be no wonderful future – we will create it ourselves.

The choice is always ours!

Today we are not only fighting tyranny and dictatorship.

We are the epicenter of values because of the price we now pay for freedom.

After our victory, Ukraine must keep freedom as its main symbol.

The war showed how millions of people, keeping a cool head, showed heroism and endurance, saving families from shells or volunteering on projects.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the defenders of Ukraine! Ukraine wins!