Derek Prince: From Small Chapel to International Ministry

Derek Prince was born on August 14, 1915 in Bangalore, India, in a family of hereditary British soldiers. From the age of five he was raised in England by his grandparents, at the age of nine he was sent to elementary school, where he began to study Latin and Greek, and by the age of 12 he was translating and writing poetry in both languages.

Derek Prince later enrolled at King’s College, Cambridge, where he excelled academically. However, Derek’s academic career was rudely interrupted by World War II. Based on his philosophical convictions, he chose non-combatant service, and began it as a private in the Royal Army Medical Corps. At this time, he decided to look at another philosophy about which he knew very little. He bought a new Bible with a black cover as “reading material” in the army.

Derek was baptized and confirmed at the Anglican Church. During his five-year stay at Eton, he attended all required church services. However, at the age of 18, he decided that “religion didn’t give him much,” and only attended the college chapel when it was his turn to read a lesson.

His first 9 months in the army, he worked his way through the Bible, it was confusing and perplexing, which was unlike any book he had ever read. He said: “I could not bring it into any category. Was it history, philosophy, literature, theology, poetry – or even divinely inspired? ”

In July 1941, at a barracks in Yorkshire, he met the Author. Recalling that supernatural experience, Derek said: “From this meeting I drew two conclusions that I never had a reason to change: first, that Jesus Christ lives; the second is that the Bible is a true, relevant and modern book. These two conclusions radically and forever changed the whole course of my life … at the same moment the Bible became clear and understandable to me … prayer and communication with God became as natural as breathing … my main desires, motives and goals in life were transformed overnight. I found what I was looking for! The meaning and purpose of life is the Personality! ”

Almost immediately after his supernatural conversion to the Lord, Derek Prince was sent to North Africa. Recalling three years spent in the deserts of Egypt, Libya and Sudan, he said that he was “raised in the desert.” He studied the Bible with the same diligence and thoroughness that characterized his academic career. He also discovered the effectiveness of fasting along with prayer.

When Derek developed a skin disease incurable in that climate, he spent a year in a hospital in Egypt, studying the Bible and praying for God’s help. And his healing came with verses from the Bible, Proverbs 4: 20-22 (My son, listen to my words, and incline your ear to my words; let them not depart from your eyes; keep them within your heart: for they are life for of the one who found them, and health for his whole body.)

Derek accepted God’s promise of “health for his whole body,” and decided to take the Bible like people take their medicine: three times a day after meals. Released from the hospital in his own care, as the doctors could not do anything, Derek was completely and forever healed by this “medicine” in the deserts of Sudan, in an area with the most unfavorable climate.

In the same place in Sudan, he turned his Muslim assistant Ali to the Lord. Ali’s changed life sparked such a revival in the camp that other soldiers began to visit Derek to learn more about Jesus.

After three years in the wilderness, Derek was sent to Jerusalem. There he met his future wife Lydia Christensen from Denmark, who ran an orphanage and thus became a “father” to eight little girls – six Jewish, one Arab and one English.

When World War II ended, Derek was fired and left the army to enter the full Christian ministry in Jerusalem.

In late 1948, with the newborn state of Israel struggling to survive, Derek and Lydia reluctantly left Jerusalem. Derek brought his family to England, where they were lovingly received by his parents.

After moving, Derek served for 8 years as pastor of a small Pentecostal church in central London. Most of his church members were converted as a result of his street ministry. Derek spoke of those days: “We’ve seen many lives change, but only up to a point. There were so many people we couldn’t really help. The Pentecostals at the time believed that if you were baptized in water, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and spoke in tongues, then your problems were over. But alas, this was not true! It was only years later, when I entered the ministry of deliverance, that I gained the ability to help Christians live a full, victorious life. ”

In 1957, Derek and Lydia Prince traveled to East Africa in Kenya to lead a teachers training college there. On the basis of the college, Derek founded a high school, which thousands of young Kenyans subsequently graduated. In Kenya, Derek and Lydia adopted a 6-month-old African girl whose mother died during childbirth.

In 1963, Derek and Lydia, with their African daughter Jessica, emigrated to the United States in Seattle, Washington. For a year, Derek served as the pastor of a small church, where he encountered demonic activity. This happened during the Sunday service right in front of the pulpit. A direct encounter with the forces of darkness gave impetus to his ministry of liberation. Through his personal ministry and also through video and audio tapes, he has helped countless people find freedom from demonic bonds. Derek Prince’s books, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose and They Will Cast Out Demons, translated into many languages, are used by Christian ministers around the world to help free God’s people from generational curses and bring them true freedom in the Holy Spirit.

Perplexed by the tragedy of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Derek Prince began teaching Americans how to intercede for their people.

In 1973, he co-founded Intercessors for America, which spread this message and ministry to the entire nation. Derek’s book, Influencing History Through Fasting and Prayer, published the same year, awakened serious Christians to their responsibility to pray for their governments. Two decades later, he learns that underground translations of this book played a role in the fall of communist regimes in the USSR, in Eastern Europe.

As Derek Prince’s tapes proliferated, doors opened in many parts of the United States. After serving as pastors for a church in Chicago, Derek and Lydia began a traveling ministry in 1967. That same year, in New Zealand, Derek saw for the first time that his teachings could have an impact on an entire nation. These “all over the earth” meetings gave rise to an international ministry that touched almost every part of the globe.

In 1975, after 30 years of marriage, Lydia died of heart disease. Left alone, Derek told God that he was ready to remain alone until the end of his days, if it was His will. But God had a different plan. In 1977, during a trip to Jerusalem, Derek learned that an American woman who lived in Jerusalem and helped publish his books had suffered a serious back injury and was unable to work because of this. Since Derek had a special gift of faith for healing back problems, he decided to visit this woman in order to pray for her. He did it, but no instant miracle happened. A little over a year after that, in October 1978, Ruth Baker and Derek Prince got married. In the book “God – the Author of Marriage Unions” you can read an amazing story about Ruth and her miraculous healing.

When they got married, Derek was 63 years old. They decided to settle in Jerusalem and devote themselves to intercession, book writing, and ministry. Although they had lived in Jerusalem since 1981, the direction of their ministry took a completely different course.

In February 1979, four months after the wedding, the daily radio program Today With Derek Prince was already broadcast on eight US radio stations. This project was born out of a prophecy that the Lord told the Prince: “Proclaim short, simple messages, easy to understand, revealing fundamental spiritual truths.” Almost every major city in the United States was reached through these radio broadcasts. But the radio service has gained the largest scale outside the United States. In 1982, radio programs were broadcast through radio listeners and through friends of the ministry to those countries that were closed to God’s word: the Caribbean Islands, India, Central and South America. ”

In the second half of 1982, the Far East radio station began broadcasting Derek Prince’s radio broadcasts in Chinese. In April 1984, Derek Prince’s first radio broadcasts entitled “Living Water” were broadcast on the airwaves of Communist China. Chinese believers christened Derek Prince by the name Ie Guang-Ming, which means “clear light.” Later, the program was translated into the  ​​katoniz, emoy, shanghai and suatou languages. In the meantime, in December 1986, the following program was aired under the title: “House Builder Pleasing to God.” It contained material gleaned from all of Derek’s books and tapes, and was intended to train church leaders in China. Now these broadcasts cover all of China, Hong Kong and almost all of Southeast Asia. In 1983, Derek Prince’s Ministry ran into financial difficulties. The sale of books and cassettes dropped sharply, and the radio service began to lose about $ 20,000 a month. When Derek and Ruth prayed for this situation,

The Lord told them very clearly to stop worrying about selling materials and give them away to third world Christians.

In 1984, they contacted 23 leaders from eight countries and offered them free Derek books and tapes, and asked them for addresses of other leaders who would find the materials useful. Through this endeavor, thousands of leaders from 120 countries have received hundreds of thousands of books and cassettes for free.

While PDM’s ministry expanded through radio, book and cassette sales, Derek and Ruth had personal ministries in the United States, Europe and South Africa.

“Then the Lord began to open doors for us to less prestigious regions, for example, in 1984 there were ministries in Zambia,” Derek recalled: “I started with the cross: Jesus took upon himself all the evil that we deserved by our sins, and gave us all the good that belonged to Him, God’s holy Son. ” In the days that followed, he taught about deliverance from curse, deliverance from demons, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and spiritual gifts. Derek said, “Africans are hungry for sound doctrine. No matter how much you talk, they will sit and write everything down. When you finish in two hours, they say, “Why so fast?”

Africans live side by side with the demonic supernatural world, and therefore the manifestation of God’s supernatural power gives them great delight.

Thousands of people received salvation, healing, deliverance, baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit, and began to take the first steps in the ministry with spiritual gifts. ”

A year later, Derek held a series of similar services, mainly for Muslims in northern Pakistan, where many had never met foreigners before. An intimate familiarity with the satanic spirit world in daily life prepared these people for salvation, healing, and deliverance.

Since Derek and Ruth were living in Jerusalem at the time, and their international ministry office was on the other side of the world, in the United States, it was prudent to use travel from one end to the other to conduct services along the way. The first such trip took place at the end of 1984 and lasted three months. The second trip in 1987 lasted for 5 months, then Derek and Ruth held their first ministry in Indonesia and Malaysia. An unexpected discovery of that trip was the state of Papua New Guinea. Derek learned that the leaders of the Youth Mission were using his Fundamentals of the Teachings of Christ to teach thousands of new converts in this country. Derek was seen by the locals as their spiritual father, and his visit was co-sponsored by the Brotherhood of Servants, Moresby City and Papua New Guinea Airlines. The state radio company provided its equipment for open ministries and broadcast live on national radio. Derek said, “I see the fruits of my ministry in a country that I never dreamed of visiting. Strong leaders have grown because of the Lord and the efforts of the missionaries. ”

As a token of their gratitude to Derek, on his 70th birthday, numerous friends from all five continents have contributed to fulfilling Derek’s deep desire to translate radio programs into Spanish and Russian. Today, Spanish-language radio broadcasts cover all of Spain and parts of Latin America. In 1986, Russian-language radio programs began to break through the Iron Curtain five days a week.

By 1989, when the Iron Curtain fell, Derek’s ministry had already reached millions of people. It regularly made broadcasts to the Soviet Union, despite the impossibility of feedback from radio listeners.

In the 90s, Derek changed accents. He said: “I thank God for every miracle of healing or deliverance in my ministry, but I believe that the modern Church is in dire need of holiness. Nothing touches me like the contemplation of how the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, speaking of righteousness and judgment. ”

India is another region where ministry has experienced massive growth. Derek’s twelve books have been translated into Tamil, Hindi, Telugu languages and dialects spoken by only a few ethnic groups. In early 1998, Derek and Ruth served in India.

The doors opened for the distribution of Derek’s materials in Latin America. In 1995, PDM began to legally print its books in Cuba, moreover, in the state printing house. In late 1996, Derek and Ruth held their first services in Cuba. They also attended a big conference in Bogota, Colombia in 1997, which brought hundreds of people to the Lord. PDM has its distributors in Costa Rica, Cuba, Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

In addition to the US office in Charlotte, North Carolina, DPM has national offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Each of the offices was founded by a person who received a call from God to support this ministry in his country and region. Each of the offices is governed by a board of directors, but the global coordination and planning responsibility rests with an international board, of which Derek was a member. Our motto very accurately reflects our vision and goal: “Reaching the unreached and teaching the untrained!”

In 1995, Derek celebrated his 80th birthday many members of his family were there. Derek has 35 grandchildren, 58 great-grandchildren and 7 great-great-grandchildren. 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren are in the Christian ministry.

In the past decade, he has often returned to the events of the “last days”, interpreting them in the light of the prophetic writings. At the age of 80, Derek, looking back at nearly 50 years of Christian ministry, said:

“God is faithful! I would never do that myself. I am amazed when I learn that my teachings are known in the remote corners of India, and my video tapes are watched in Siberia.

All of this is directed by God. Over fifty years ago, He told me, “I have called you to be a teacher of the Scriptures in the truth, faith and love that are hidden in Christ Jesus for many people.” I could never imagine exactly how many “many” the Lord meant. But everything happened gradually: at first I strove to present the truth in purity, then God revealed to me the need for faith, and today the primary goal is to produce love in those who listen to my sermons and read my books. I believe I still have many to reach. I’m not going to retire. I want to fulfill everything that is in God’s plan for me. For more than 50 years, He has proven His faithfulness to me, and I believe that He will be faithful to the very end. ”

Today the ministry is presented

in 60 languages
in 37 countries
in each time zone

Coordinates of ministries on the territory of the former USSR –


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