Don’t forget the main war

We all expect something new in 2023. But the question is: what kind of renewal are we waiting for in the new year? All normal people, not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world, are waiting for this war to end. And it is obvious that the people of Ukraine are waiting not just for a break in the war, not just for a truce, but for victory. And we, as believers, know that this is not only a physical war, but also a spiritual one. Moreover, when and how this war will end in the visible world depends on what happens in the spiritual world.

The Lord called us to live not based on what our physical eyes see and our physical ears hear, but by being rooted by faith in God Himself and in that invisible world where there is a real spiritual confrontation that determines everything else. In 2 Corinthians, Paul wrote that everyone makes a choice: live by the vision of the physical eyes or live by faith. That is, to live as if what we see and hear is the only real world or to live by faith, which is rooted in the spiritual world. If spiritual battles are decisive then it means that victory, first of all, must be achieved in the spiritual world and only then – on the battlefield.

During a war, it is natural for normal people, firstly, to be afraid and secondly, to focus on what we see and hear and immerse ourselves in the news. There is nothing demonic about it. But, when we plunge into this, we turn away from that main war waged by God, Adonai Tzvaot – the Lord of the heavenly hosts, the Almighty King of Kings, who undertook to defeat this darkness and destroy satan’s plot against our people (in Ukraine). And then we need to make an effort to return our minds and our hearts to the source of everything through prayer, intercession and worship.

And God has called His children not just to believe that He is fighting for us, not just to hope that Lord of Hosts is waging a major war in the spiritual realm and ultimately winning. God has called us to actively participate in this spiritual warfare. How many testimonies we have heard during the war of how God has in amazing ways saved peoples lives! But God does this not only because we have trusted Him with our lives and opened our hearts to His Spirit, but He does this so that we can stand in the gap for others.

God calls all of us to actively participate in this spiritual warfare. We are part of His army. Not only angels are fighting, but, first of all, His children are fighting here on earth. God has entrusted His people, who know Him, authority and power to advance against spiritual enemies. We know who is behind the army of our enemies, who inspires their leaders, ideologists and strategists. Therefore, our calling, first of all, is to fight against those who direct these unfortunate people.

Author: Boris Grisenko (rabbi of Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation).

Source: Kyiv Jewish Messianic Congregation | КJMC (