Don’t receive fear!

Shalom dear!

How beautiful life is and everything that happens in it causes either delight or disappointment! And that is great ! Life itself is beautiful because it is life! And there are various techniques and tools that help us change our lives for the better.
The biggest and most dangerous enemy for us is fear! And most importantly, the Almighty did not give us this.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

The Almighty is love and shalom, and He does not give us fear, since He does not have this. There is only good and positive in Him!
When fear comes, thought paralysis occurs, our good will and rational part is suppressed!
Doctors say that fear paralyzes the human body! God didn’t give it to us!
He gave us the spirit of powert, which means that with God I can do anything! Gave the spirit of love, and in love there is no fear, and love has great power to act!
And the spirit of self-control and wisdom! Self-control is very important, as it is written in Scripture: “He who is long-suffering is better than the brave, and he who controls himself is better than the conqueror of the city.”
Proverbs of Solomon 16:32

We conclude: do not accept fear, do not succumb to its provocations! Stay cheerful and joyful, do not lose heart, because the Heavenly Father is always near and will not leave anyone of us!
Drive away fear, do not think thoughts that scare you! Meditate on the Word of God! Keep peace and tranquility in your heart!

Shalom to all and good health to all!

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