Dozens of Christians Killed or Abducted by Extremists in Nigeria

An area resident told media outlet Morning Star News, “The church worship service was about to commence when the attackers arrived at the village riding on motorbikes and shooting sporadically.”  

The resident continued, “They killed one Christian and kidnapped 53 other Christians who are still held captive.”  

In addition to the Christmas Day attacks in Angwan Aku village, Fulani herdsmen and other unidentified bandits also staged attacks in Mallagum and Kagoro villages, also in Kaduna state. Forty Christians were killed in Mallagum village on December 18, and an additional three were slaughtered in Kagoro on December 23.   

A resident of Kagoro town shared how terrorists are destroying lives and property in Kagoro and in Kaduna state as a whole.   

He said, “Family life has been disrupted; the lucky survivors have become refugees in their land waiting for palliatives in an endless genocide they can’t understand. Mass graves litter the community and the countryside. Our people can no longer go to their farms for fear of being gunned down or macheted.”  

He continued, “Lamentably, the Fulani terrorist attacks have continued unabated as they are heard chanting, ‘Allah Akbar [God is greater]’ during the killing and destructive expeditions.”  

Please pray for the families of Christians who have been murdered in Nigeria and for an end to the violence and suffering in the nation.   

Source and photo: Dozens of Christians Killed or Abducted by Extremists in Nigeria – International Christian Concern (