Eulogeo * – εχηγεομαι – to speak well of, to praise, to bless

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This week we are studying the word εὐλογὲω (Strong’s #2127, which is pronounced ū lō gē’ ō**), one of the Greek words used in the New Testament to express “to bless” and “blessing.” It is a compound word derived from the prefix εὐ (Strong’s #2095, pronounced ū**), which means “to be well off” or “to prosper,” and the word λὸγος (Strong’s #3056, pronounced lō’ gōs**), which means “word” or “speech.” When these two are combined to form the word εὐλογὲω, it basically means to express a good attitude or to speak well of something or someone; and this basic meaning holds true when used of man expressing to man or man expressing to God. However, when this same compound is used of God expressing to man, it means “a favorable expression toward.”

Εὐλογὲω and two of its cognates are found in Ephesians 1:3. The first cognate is the adjective form εὐλογητὸς (Strong’s #2128, pronounced ū lō gā tōs’**), which means “blessed.” When used to describe a person’s expression toward God, it means that God is well spoken of. When used of a person receiving from God, it designates one who has received a favorable expression from God. The second cognate is the noun form εὐλογὶα (Strong’s #2129, pronounced ū lō gē’ ä**), which means “blessing” or “praise.”

Ephesians 1:3

Blessed (εὐλογητὸςis the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the One who has blessed (εὐλογὲω) us in every spiritual blessing (εὐλογὶα), in the spirit realm, in Christ.

The first thing Paul does in this verse is to express his attitude toward God saying that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is to be spoken well of or to be praised. Then he states why this should be so: God has blessed—has had a favorable expression toward—His people. Next Paul says that God’s blessing, or favorable expression, is found “in every spiritual blessing…” Within this phrase are two adjectives giving important detail to the description of God’s blessing: First, the word “spiritual” is used to describe the nature of God’s blessing; and then the word “every” is used in conjunction with God’s blessing to let it be known that Christians do not lack any available blessing from God.

Paul also uses a prepositional phrase to modify “every spiritual blessing” indicating that God’s blessings are found “in the spirit realm.” The traditional translation of the plural form of this adjective ἐπουρὰνιος (Strong’s #2032, pronounced ĕ pö rä’ nē ōs**) is “heavenlies;” but, literally, it is a reference to the spirit realm. Paul is saying that every spiritual blessing in the spirit realm has been bestowed upon the believer.

Paul uses another prepositional phrase to show that every spiritual blessing in the spirit realm is found “in Christ.” In order to understand this, it is important to know that Scripture teaches an orderly chain of command in the spirit realm. The highest position is the throne of God. Jesus Christ is seated to the right of this throne, which positions Him far above all rulers and authorities —spiritual forces both good and evil— in the spirit realm (Ephesians 1:21). Every believer is “seated together in heavenly places (spirit realm) in Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:6). Consequently, believers are also far above the forces of evil, secure in the spirit realm; because we are seated in Christ.

In summary, Paul is teaching that the blessings of a true Christian are not to be evaluated by things in the physical realm, specifically not by our material possessions or social positions. He is saying that God has already blessed us “in every spiritual blessing,” which is found “in the spirit realm,” specifically “in Christ.” The perception of this reality is what enabled Paul to speak well of God in every situation.

Believers of today stand in this same position. Our blessing is spiritual, and places us above all principalities and powers in the spiritual realm, because our blessings are found totally in Christ. And we do not lack any spiritual blessing that is available from God; because, through Jesus, we experience all that God is. In Him we are blessed with all the favor that the Father has bestowed upon His Son. Therefore, in this season of Thanksgiving, when we reflect upon our blessings, we need to use the right gauge. Instead of glorying in your material possessions or social positions (or wallowing in the lack thereof), glory in belonging to Christ; because He is the true, all encompassing blessing God has expressed to us.

* EULOGEO is the English font spelling of the Greek word εὐλογὲω.

** English vowel pronunciation guide for Greek words: āle, ăm, ärm; ēve, ĕnd; īce, ǐll; ōld, ǒdd, whö; ūse, ŭp.

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