Every 8th Christian on the planet suffers for their faith

According to Open Doors, by 2021 the number of persecuted Christians in the world has skyrocketed. A year ago, 260 million people were persecuted, but now the number of persecuted Christians has reached 340 million. This means that one in eight Christians in the world faces persecution and discrimination for believing in Jesus Christ.

The 10 most dangerous countries for Christians were presented at Open Doors:

1. North Korea The death sentence has long been the price of Christianity in North Korea. And even if you are not killed right away, you will be sent to a labor camp as a political criminal.

2. Afghanistan ISIS (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) and the Taliban * (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) still have enormous influence in Afghanistan, while the Taliban control most of the country. * The Taliban is an Islamist movement that originated in Afghanistan, in 2003 recognized by the UN as a terrorist organization.

3. Somalia Islam is considered an important part of Somali identity and is in great danger if any Somali is suspected of converting to Christianity. Their family, clan or community members will be pressured, intimidated, or even killed. Women can be raped and forced to marry.

4. Libya In Libya, there is no freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the possibility of church life is extremely limited. Although there are about 34,500 Christians in the country, only a small number (about 150) are Libyans, most of them emigrants and migrant workers.

5. Pakistan Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws are widely used against Christians, and Islamic extremist groups violently “defend” these laws by attacking and killing those alleged to have violated them.

6. Eritrea Government security forces are monitoring phone calls, monitoring and conducting countless raids aimed at capturing Christians and suppressing house church activities. Christians can be arrested and imprisoned without trial.

7. Yemen Christians in Yemen usually keep their faith in secret, because if they are discovered, they face the death penalty. Leaving Islam is prohibited.

8. Iran The Iranian government views the conversion of Muslims to Christianity as an attempt by Western countries to undermine Iran’s Islamic rule. Most persecution is against Muslim Christians, primarily by the government, but also by their families and communities.

9. Nigeria More Christians are killed in Nigeria for their faith than in any other country. Violent attacks by Boko Haram, Fulani Muslim shepherd fighters, ISWAP (a branch of ISIS) and other Islamic extremist groups have unfortunately become commonplace in the north and central parts of the country and are increasingly penetrating south.

10. India Hindu extremists believe that all Indians should be Hindus, and for this the country should get rid of Christianity and Islam. They use massive violence to achieve this goal. Christians of Hindu origin are the most under pressure and harassment.

As the level of persecution in the world is steadily growing and the number of persecuted is getting higher, let us support in prayer those for whom faith in Jesus can cost freedom and even life.

Based on materials from Premier Christian News
Source: https://www.inlight.news/2021/01/WWL.html