Example of a sacrificial ministry

Methodist pastors couple welcome 40 refugees in Ukraine.

“My story today is about the elders of Ukraine UMC Rev. Vasylii Vuksta and Rev. Alla Vuksta.
Pastor Vasylii serves in Uzghorod UMC. Pastor Alla serves at Kamyanitsa UMC.
They turned their church buildings into refugee shelters from the first day of the war.
Pastors have around 40 refugees daily in Kamyanitsa. Kamyanitsa is also their home. Refugees live in their house and in the church hall as well.

Ministry to the refugees is very difficult. People who have gone through war are depressed and are in constant tears. Our pastors share love and good news about Jesus Christ with them.

Rev. Vasylii and Rev. Alla are always an example of sacrificial ministry to me.

Please pray for this wonderful couple.”

Source: Odilon Massolar Chaves | Facebook