Fear is the main problem of infertility

Fear penetrates the pores of all creation, killing initiative and turning its victim into a jellied meat. Fear binds the mind, locks the mouth and shackles the feet. Fear chains the Christian to the pew in the house of worship and turns the active witness into a passive sitter.

Church leaders are paralyzed with fear, from small group leaders to bishops and elders.

Because fear is the ultimate sanctity. Fear has been elevated to the highest degree of dignity. This is a kind of mark of quality.

There are many sources of fear. One of them, and perhaps the most effective, is the parental home. Here, following the Bible’s commandment: “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them”, parents instill in their children’s subconscious that knowing the world takes place through “Don’t!” and if you violate a “don’t!” then a penalty follows. Physical. Humiliating. Cruel.

Every time I tried to understand the practice of fulfilling the commandment of the Gospel: “And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the will of the Lord with guidance and admonition!”, I heard from fathers a clear understanding of this great fatherly duty: “Whoever spares the rod!” And nothing more. Forgiveness is not quoted. Encouragement is not engaged in. It seems that the concept of love is completely foreign.

Fear is the main tool of education in school. Fear is multifaceted. Fear is multi-layered. The fear of parents overlaps with the fear of classmates. Fear of a crowd of children, in which the child has to fight for his place. A fear often associated with the violence of hooligan boys. Fear of the unknown, the new and the status quo. Fear of teachers.

Valery Solovey, doctor of historical sciences, professor and head of the department of public relations at MGIMO, says:

“I talk a lot and constantly with students from different universities. None of them showed the slightest love or sympathy for the school. Judging by these stories, the best schools are the ones that simply don’t pay attention to the students. The vast majority of school memories are colored with pain, bitterness and resentment. Social cruelty, moral violence and petty scolding are described as the norm. Teachers are remembered as enemies or, at best, as indifferent and cold authorities. School teaches children to be cunning, to be afraid and to hide. And with these skills, with a distorted psyche, they go to universities.”

Universities do not improve them. Universities add fear. They teach cynicism. They instill a belief in the normality of violence.

University graduates have no right to oppose the system. They are not taught that way. On the contrary, they are taught to outwit, evade and adapt. Fear makes them chameleons. The university convinces them that in order to succeed, they must accept all the twists and turns of the system, because the personality is already damaged and crippled by fear.

Then they come to the church wounded in soul and spirit, often bitter towards everyone and everything. The world in their eyes is a world of hatred, meanness and fierce struggle for existence. The evolutionary worldview reinforces this unnaturally “natural” cruelty. The strongest will survive.

In this darkness, the brightness of Christ is the light. It warms those who are in the frosty twilight. This is love! Touching the frozen soul, the love of Christ warms them up until they begin to rejoice. The lips are open to eagerly release bright new feelings of freedom, power, gratitude, love, faith and hope.

But now the church elders and other leaders come into play. “Don´t!”

“Is it forbidden? Why?” – a naive infant in Christ confidently turns to a wise mentor – pastor. “Is it a sin?”, he asks sincerely and without understanding, why not? “No, it’s not a sin. But if we allow it, everyone will join. And it doesn’t matter if it is about a new song, an unusual outfit or an innovation in some worldly field. They don’t understand us,” holding his breath, he raises his eyes to the ceiling. He is stiff with fear.

He is in awe of God. But God is far away. However, above the highest bishop there is also a superbishop appointed from above. And he’s not alone. The entire Supreme Court is present here invisibly. Bound by collective fear, they do not allow deviation from the general line. And such harsh, unspoken fraternal supervision paralyzes the bishop’s will and kills initiative. Such control turns freedom into a crime.

He is not understood by fellow believers who are imprisoned by pious fear. The sheep he is called to feed are always by his side. They determine his fate, follow his every word, every action, and, God forbid, if he should say or do anything that the flock would not like. They kick you out. With shame. And if they do not excommunicate, then it is a mercy. But spiritual recovery is no longer in sight. The most valuable quality of a leader in such conditions is adaptability. And he… adapts.

He fears the power of this world. The life of the congregation proceeds under the watchful eye of the secular authorities. And over every congregation hangs the sword of Damocles of the state, looking for every opportunity to ban, fine and deprive.

Fear hangs over the saints like a thick fog. Fear is sacred. It comes from God, who, by the way, is love. But God’s love is for sinners, while He is strict with His children. No sympathy. Because fear is the beginning of wisdom. Fear is at the core of sermons, no matter what they try to say from the pulpit, and no matter what Bible story is offered for consideration.

Here fear is sanctified by God himself. Here the fear is amplified by the terrible threat of losing salvation. Fear of the authorities feeds a terrible horror story – you will be excommunicated. There can be no true friendship here, for it may happen that something reprehensible will come to light, and then, oh terrible revenge awaits.

Fear of failure kills the desire to serve. After all, a mistake indicates some kind of spiritual defeat. A mistake is a reason for a public discussion and condemnation. Thus fear becomes an all-pervading poison that kills vital activity in its infancy.

Fear gives birth to senseless and meaningless unity of thought. Approval, without analytics and critical reflection. As in the famous Russian song: “But we don’t care, but we don’t care! Let us fear the loving brotherhood … we have work to do, … we are mowing the magic lawn.”

Hence the complaining. Lack of joy. And moldy wallets. Pampered hands. And blisters on tongues.

Saint John the Apostle, the apostle of love, says: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because in fear there is punishment. He who fears is imperfect in love.”

Thus, the Word shows us one of the purposes of service in building up the saints. The fight against fear. Release of freedom. Saving the saved. Attaining love, feeling love and dressing into love.

Author: Страх – ключевая проблема бесплодия , Eвангельские проповеди (ysipko.ru)

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