Festival “Hope” with the participation of Franklin Graham in St. Petersburg canceled due to “closing the door”

The evangelistic festival with the participation of the famous preacher Franklin Graham, which was planned to be held at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg on July 9 and 10, has been cancelled.

The Hope Festival has been rescheduled because “the door has closed”. The director of the festival, Vasily Gerasimchuk, wrote about this in a letter dated April 6, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports.

“Currently, we are faced with circumstances that have created serious obstacles to the preparation and holding of the Festival. Therefore, we inform you that a decision has been made to postpone it,” the letter says. “Brother Franklin will be ready to preach in Russia and will come to St. Petersburg to participate in the Hope Festival as soon as the door for this opens again.”

The office of the Hope festival in St. Petersburg has suspended its work.

Source: Фестиваль «Надежда» с участием Франклина Грэма в Санкт-Петербурге отменен из-за «закрытия двери» | Новости inVictory