Fiery flood

The New Testament states that when Yeshua returns, there will be a gigantic fire on earth literally flooding her. This is stated in many places, for example in Luke 17 or 2 Peter 3.

However, when we share this with our Israeli friends and family, the idea may seem foreign to them — “Christian” and non-Jewish. It is important to substantiate this thought in the Tanakh (Old Testament Scriptures), since it is an important aspect of the Day of Judgment and the Messiah. In fact, the idea that fire will fall from heaven to punish sinners is well documented in the Tanakh.

Genesis 19 – God poured out fire from heaven to destroy Sodom because of the sins of its inhabitants.
Leviticus 10 – God sent fire to destroy Nadab and Abihu for their unholyness in the priestly ministry.
Numbers 16 – God sent fire from heaven to destroy the camp of the associates of Korah for their refusal to receive the anointed messenger Moses.
2 Kings 1 – God sent fire from heaven to destroy the soldiers who came to arrest the anointed prophet Elijah.

Fire is also mentioned in many prophetic passages by Joel, Amos and Malachi. There is also a depiction of fire described in Zechariah 13. There is also a mention of fire falling from heaven in the book of Job. This fire, in fact, comes from satan, but they understand it as such that comes from God.

Noah’s Flood gives us an idea of ​​the size and scope of the end time flood. The fire of Sodom gives us an idea of ​​the essence and intensity of the material.

Combine the flood of Noah and the sulfur rain of Sodom for a truly chilling picture of judgment time.

From this the Lord, by His mercy, promises to save us.

Author – Asher Intrater /